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Don’t Fear Negative Reviews, Own Up to Them

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So you’re afraid of negative reviews. Aren’t we all? But the truth of the matter is customer reviews are not going away, and in fact, they’re becoming a part of everyday consumerism. And whether you had any part in it or not, your business could be listed on a popular review site with feedback already posted about you. So you might as well go own your business on those review sites and own up to any criticism.

What we mean by own your business on the review sites means go claim your business as your own, so you can manage your information and make sure it’s accurate. Web info, location, hours, phone number, it can all be managed by you. What we mean by own up to the negative reviews means go respond! Interacting with customers who’ve had a bad experience shows you care, and can actually turn things around.

Here are some of the review sites to consider:

Angie’s List is a popular directory with reviews and references for home consumer related services. Certain levels of subscribers pay to get additional information. You can also sign up to get your business listed.

Yelp is so popular and relevant to many searches that its listings often appear on the first page of Google searches. Whether you are in B2C or B2B, it’s a wise idea to claim your business in Yelp if you want to get more online exposure.

If your business creates something visually appealing, your customers may have already “pinned” it in Pinterest. People use Pinterest to catalog images of things they like or want to make, want to buy, want to experience, etc. Comments and feedback are eligible on each “pin.” For example, if you own a restaurant, you may want to post some of those pretty plates to entice customers. Someone else may comment on your pin that they’ve had that dish and loved it!

Depending on your business, you can look into special interest review services like Thumbtack, TripAdvisor, and HomeAdvisor. If you aren’t sure where to start, do an online search of your business name or your business products to see what, if any, review sites come up. Those are the ones you might want to pay attention to.
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