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How Blogs Benefit your Business and your Clients

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Blogging is a free to inexpensive, yet very effective tool, for advertising your business online.

At PSPinc, our niche is web hosting and online marketing, so we use our blog to share industry knowledge with other small businesses looking to grow. After we publish a new post, we share it in our newsletter and on social media. In fact, we have years of previous blog posts filled with good advice for business owners.

We benefit from blogging too. Writing weekly blog posts draws consistent traffic to our website. Plus, all of our blog content to date is filled with keywords relevant to our business – a combo that helps to boost our search engine optimization (SEO).

Now that you can see how starting a blog is a win-win for you and your readers, how do you get started? Let’s explore a couple options:

1) Use a free service.

Our service,, is one of a few free blog services. and are two more. Since all three are popular domains that already get a lot of traffic, using one of them will give your blog a boost in the search engines. For instance, hosting your blog on one of these domains will likely get it found in the search engines before a blog that you host on your own domain.

2) Build a custom blog on your website.

It’s totally understandable, however, if you want to host a blog on your website’s domain. It makes sense for brand cohesiveness, and the keyword-rich content can help build up your website’s SEO over time. But it will require more work to get it up and running. If you are not familiar with PHPs and MySQL, we suggest you seek a web hosting service which comes with a blog included in the cost. The answer might be using in conjunction with our webtool, where the two can work together to host your site and your blog.

Wherever you choose to start your blog, be sure to post articles regularly. Neglected blogs won’t do your SEO ranking any good, nor will you be able to build up your readership and site traffic. We recommend a blog post a week, if not more, and then share it wherever you can.
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