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  • Free Tools for Successful Online Marketing

Free Tools for Successful Online Marketing

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Successful online marketing requires a full-circle strategy: setting goals, implementing strategies, and analyzing the data. Google analytics is a popular, free tool that shows you how well your marketing strategies are working for you, but there are more freebies out there to help boost your marketing efforts:

Google Alerts:

It’s wise to monitor customer reviews and whatever else people are writing about your business online, but you certainly don’t have all day to search it out. Google Alerts lets you set up automated monitoring for specific keywords, including your brand, website, whatever else you want it to search out. You can even customize source and language selections.


SEMrush gives you a website analytics overview, in comparison to your competitors’ sites, as well as the popular keywords for your site. The paid version will give you more, but the free version is a good start for evaluating your search engine marketing efforts.

Cyfe and other Social Media Software Tools:

Since social media sites are such a prevalent part of our online marketing now, it’s good to know about free software options that can help build up your social media presence, reach your audience, and analyze the results. Some of our favorite services include Cyfe, Klear, Klout, and Keyhole.

Cyfe allows you to build your own custom dashboard with analytics across multiple platforms. You can add all of your social media accounts, web analytics, email, SEO, and PPC campaigns to one main dashboard. You can further breakdown your social media effectiveness by looking at engagement, clicks, content and more. This service is a great way to analyze your social media channels and figure out where you need help and where your accounts are thriving!

If you need more help with social media, check out these options too:

Klear - Helps companies meet influencers that match their business needs.
Klout - Get topics and suggestions on what to post based on your business.
Keyhole - Track hashtags, accounts, keywords and mentions.
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