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Top Tips for Kicking Off your Online Marketing Program

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1. Establish Your Goals

Before you overwhelm yourself and sign up for every social media platform, start a blog, or build a new website, you need to make some goals for your company. This will help you decide where your company needs to have a presence online and which platforms will help drive your success.

2. Get Online

The best place to start is your website. Even if you don’t think you need a website – you probably do. Once you have a website (or while it’s being built) decide which, if any, social media sites you need to be on. Set up your accounts with bright and clean pictures, add your company’s contact information and anything else you might find important.

3. Be Consistent (focus on providing value)

Just getting online isn’t enough anymore. You have to be consistent about updating your website and social accounts. Potential customers will look to see if you’re active online, and they can easily tell when a website or social media site is outdated. Focus on providing your followers and customers with valuable information, deals, updates, and pictures frequently.

4. Keep Track

You don’t need to be an analytics wizard to keep track of your data. Most social platforms include reports that are easy to read. Use this to your advantage by creating content similar to your highest performing post, blogs, or page visits.

5. Be Patient

Not getting any customers or followers yet? Be patient. Similar to most things in life – if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. Being consistent takes patience and dedication; try testing out new and different ideas to continue offering value to your customers.
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