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5 Work Place Resolutions For 2019

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Map the Year Ahead

Take a few minutes and write down your biggest goals for the New Year. Then break them down into smaller goals. And then even smaller goals, all the way down to tiny bit-sized goals you can easily accomplish. Accountability is crucial, so make sure you write down when you want to finish each goal (quarter, month, or day). The more specific you can get, the better. Jotting down big, yearly goals can make them feel out of reach. By dissecting them into smaller achievable goals, you can build your confidence with each check mark!

Tomorrow’s To-Do list, Today

A great habit to get into is writing down what you need to do tomorrow before you leave work today. It can help alleviate some of the stress you might bring home from work and help you get laser focused the next morning. Then, when you get into the office you can run through your list again and jump right back in where you left off.

Learn to Say No

Some of us get into the habit of saying yes to everything, even if we really don’t have time. This year, work on saying no (politely!) instead of taking on more work than you can handle. You don’t always have to say no, but sometimes you need to. It’ll allow you to have more time to produce the best quality work on the projects you already have. It may seem uncomfortable at first, but it gets easier!

Treat Yourself

Some mornings you just know it’s not going to be your day. It can be challenging to come into work, focus, and get things done. Whether you’re running late, in a cranky mood, or just out of whack, take a moment and treat yourself. It can be as simple as listening to your favorite song, stopping for an overpriced latte, or getting an extra doughnut from the kitchen. You’ll be surprised at how taking a moment for you can turn around your day.

Have Professional Courage

When we think about courage, we don’t often equate it to work. This year challenge yourself to have more professional courage. What does that mean? Take yourself out of your comfort zone and try to grow in other areas of your professional life. This could mean taking on a new project you aren’t entirely comfortable with, or it could be attending networking events and meeting new people. That thing that makes your stomach a bit queasy and your hands sweaty, try it! Challenging yourself professionally is the only way to grow and 2019 is your year to do it.
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