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See you at the Restaurant Leadership Conference

See you at the Restaurant Lea...
My name is Mayumi (pronounced “My, You, and Me” *smile*) and I wanted to introduce myself before we head to the Restaurant Leadership Conference. Our goal is to help you increase profits through positive word-of-mouth marketing and bringing in repeat customers. To do that, we’re bringing a system to RLC called Opinion Stand. You’ll see our kiosks at registration and throughout the conference for your feedback on RLC.

Opinion Stand works because it’s fast and easy for customers to select a rating and leave a comment:

Encourage repeat customers. Providing customers with a convenient way to communicate shows that you value their opinion and builds trust, which makes them more likely to visit again.

Increase positive reviews online. Opinion Stand offers a 1-click button to sites like Yelp so customers can boost your online reputation with positive ratings.
Collect criticism privately. Customers give you negative feedback directly instead of posting criticism online.

Please stop by booth #90 to say hello. We look forward to seeing you!

Mayumi Nakamura
Director of Business Development
Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.

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Getting Ready for the Restaurant Leadership Conference

A preview of our pop-up bann... A preview of our pop-up banners you will find around the Restaurant Leadership Conference this month!
March 22nd - 25th / PHOENIX AZ

This year will be our first time attending the Restaurant Leadership Conference in Arizona. We will be displaying our Opinion Stand information gathering and marketing tool. Since the initial development of the Opinion Stand Kiosk system, we have made numerous upgrades and changes to make it extremely useful and powerful.

The current version version will run on any PC or tablet, treating it as if it were a Kiosk. We have also made a text/SMS and QR code-based system so that there is no need for a Kiosk if you choose to go without physical hardware. It lets you include a text or QR code on printable mediums such as poster, flyers, receipts, table tents, product packaging and much more. There is also a version of Opinion Stand that runs on your website allowing you to gather website visitor's opinions.

We have also upgraded the back-end statistics to provide more information on people’s reactions. The system can be used to run as a marketing option to gather people’s contact information.

We are still continuing to learn more ways to gather information. If you are coming to the Restaurant Leadership Conference, please look us up. If not please visit the Opinion Stand website at
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Opinion Stand Now Supports Text Message Feedback

A table tent and delivery flyer ... A table tent and delivery flyer featuring the new Opinion Stand text message feature.

The Opinion Stand is a great way to get valuable feedback from your customers on your business. It also allows you, as a business owner, to have a direct line of communication with your customers when they send you their contact information.

Opinion Stand Papyrus is a versatile application that puts the power of the Opinion Stand into your customer’s hands. You can print flyers, menus, table tents, and receipts with instructions on how they can use the Opinion Stand with their smartphone.

We are focused on providing your customers with the absolute simplest and quickest way of letting you know how well your business is performing. With Papyrus, that just got a whole lot simpler. Previously users would need to scan a QR code to gain access to the Opinion Stand on their mobile device. Which is a fantastic and simple feature. Though if you were unfamiliar with QR code technology, it involves educating yourself a bit on it.

We are happy to announce the release of the text message feature!

Almost everyone knows how to send text messages these days, so this feature will help reach audiences of all backgrounds. With Opinion Stand Papyrus you can now define a unique text message code for each of your Stands. Simply add the text message code and the pre-defined phone number to your print collateral and you are set! Customers can now text the code and instantly receive a reply with a link to the Opinion Stand. Customer feedback just got even easier.

Have questions or want to learn more?

Visit or call us toll-free 1-800-232-3989 and our team will be there to answer any questions you have. We would love the opportunity to learn more about your business and see if Opinion Stand is the right fit for you.

Opinion Stand logo with Arizona background

You can also find us on the road!

This year we will be at the Restaurant Leadership Conference in Phoenix, AZ from March 22nd - 25th. We are excited to show restaurant owners and executives how powerful the Opinion Stand is for gathering feedback, collecting contact information and engaging with their customers. If you are a restaurant owner, we hope to see you there!
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PSPinc What's New Vol. 5

PSPinc What's New Vol. 5

Hello from Kobe, Japan. I am on a business trip to Japan and I will be back in Seattle next Monday. I will spend my last two days in Seoul, Korea. With this little trip to Korea, I was able to cut my business class airfare expense by more than 50%. I can explain it more to you if you would like.

Today I would like to talk to you about the product called “Opinion Stand”. This system allows you to receive direct feedback from your customers. You may have seen something like this before but we have taken it to the next level.

KIOSK : This is a tablet-based opinion gathering system. People can simply press one of the faces on the tablet to give their feedback.

PAPYRUS : This is a QR code-based opinion gathering system. With this version of the system you can add a QR code to your product packaging, receipt or marketing materials. People can easily scan the QR code to display Opinion Stand on their smartphones.

KUMO : This option allows you to add opinion gathering buttons to your website.

After a person clicks on a face icon, we can provide an option to display a survey for entering additional feedback. The survey can be customized in any way you want. We also provide a dashboard where you can access the results of peoples’ opinions to help you understand the trends and patterns.

Take advantage of Opinion Stand by collecting not only customer feedback but also their contact information through our custom forms. You can create online forms to gather more feedback from your customers. This information can be priceless for your future marketing campaigns.

You may be wondering what we have been working on recently. We just released a new text message feature for Opinion Stand Papyrus. Opinion Stand users can now define a unique text message code, and when a customer texts that code to a specific phone number they are provided a link to get to the Opinion Stand screen instantly. This provides yet another easy way to interact with the Opinion Stand. It is our attempt to make Opinion Stand more versatile and useful for your business.

Lastly, we will be displaying Opinion Stand at the Restaurant Leadership Conference ( ) in Phoenix, Arizona from March 22nd - 25th this year. We believe this is a premier event for restaurant businesses. We must thank Mr. Lewis Rudd for letting us know about this conference.

Inquiry about Opinion Stand
Telephone: 1-800-232-3989 or 1-425-957-0808

Kenichi Uchikura
President / CEO
Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.
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Does your Business Need Opinion Stand?

image source: image source:
Have you ever wanted to give a review (bad or good) of a company on the spot? Perhaps you just finished dining at a restaurant and you’d like to recognize the top notch service you received. On the contrary, maybe you experienced long wait times and unfriendly service at a retail store or a sporting event.

These are often the moments where you feel a strong desire to give some feedback to management, but you don’t have time to wait for a manager, and once you get home, you’re too busy (or forget) to send an email with your complaints or accolades.

Good, constructive feedback for a business is often lost because that instant review hasn’t been available. Until now. PSP offers a service called Opinion Stand. It’s designed for your customers to give instant feedback about their experience at the time of service. It’s extremely simple, easy-to-use for customers and customizable to your business’ needs.

Opinion Stand comes in a physical kiosk for your brick and mortar location as well as digital formats for your online store. It’s a great way to monitor activity and view customer satisfaction trends, so you know what’s working and what needs to change.

Get all the details, options and pricing on Opinion Stand here:
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There is not problem that is too small.

Thank you for being our cust... Thank you for being our customer!!!
We proud ourselves to be the best service company for our customers. There is no problem that is too small. If you have a problem or question, please contact us.
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Now you can run OpinionStand on Windows!!!

Now you can run OpinionStand... Now you can run OpinionStand on any browser!!!

Run OpinionStand

Try OpinionStand on PC/Windows and other Browsers on PC and Mac.
You can experience what OpinionStand on any browser.

Learn more at
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Wordpress Web Hosting by PSPinc

Wordpress Web Hosting by PS...
Did you know you can order our 10GB Wordpress Hosting with 3 Databases for only $99 per year. That includes .COM or .NET domain for one year as well.

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Dreamersi Web Hosting

Dreamersi Web Hosting
Dreamersi Web Hosting Now Supports G Suite and Office 365 Email

BELLEVUE, Wash., Dec. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. (a full-service domain, web, and email outsourcing company) has announced enhancements to their top of the line hosting service Dreamersi ( Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington - Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. serves 45,000 company clients worldwide.

"We have been providing hosting solutions directly to customers and through resellers since 1996," said Ken Uchikura, Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.'s Founder and President. "It was easy when we started providing hosting services, all we had to do was to provide complete solutions. However, nowadays, customer requirements have changed and we need to provide more customizable solutions."

While traditional, "Domain" + "Email" + "Web" solutions are still in demand, the need for one of those services without the other also exists. In order to accommodate those demands Pacific Software Publishing, Inc., under Dreamersi (, now offers "Email Only" and "Web Only" services at a lower price point than a full service package. This enables customers to choose "Domain and Web Only" services while they are using other email platforms such as Google Suite and Office 365.

It is the goal of Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. to provide services that enable customers to choose what they need without having other options that they do not. People can choose their domain and order "Email Only" and "Web Only" services in addition to the complete package at

About Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.

Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. was founded in 1987 by Ken Uchikura in his apartment in Mercer Island, Washington. Where the company started to license, translate, localize and export PC software from the US to Japan. Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. started its Internet hosting business in 1996. Currently they host over 45,000 corporate domains with over a quarter of a million email accounts at their own datacenter in Seattle, Washington.

Media contact:
Ken Uchikura

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SOURCE Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.

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Opinion Stand ... Explained!!!

Opinion Stand
Complete Opinion Gathering and Marketing System

We have created Opinion Stand to gather people’s opinions, but we did not stop there. We created a way for people to write what’s on their mind. We started with the Kiosk version which is very simple and easy-to-use. From there we created the QR code based opinion gathering system. Lastly, we created a web-based version for people to evaluate websites and their content.

This is a complete system which, with little planning, you can create a powerful marketing message system. Many establishments do not really provide ways to gather people’s opinions. Sure, you can send out a survey, but how many people will take the time to fill it out? Opinion Stand is quick and easy, people do not need to take a lot of time completing it unless they really want to.

You can use Opinion Stand within your business. If you would like to try it for free, please contact us at 1-800-232-3989 or 425-957-0808. You can also email us at . It is a free trial with no obligation.

Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. <>

Opinion Stand is a service of PSPinc
For more information visit

You can listen to the information above by clicking on the icon below.

It is created using
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