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Mobile Apps for Doing Business Remotely

Mobile Apps for Doing Busines...
If you’re wondering where to start when it comes to downloading mobile apps for your business, the following list of categories might be useful:

Accounting and Expenses

Check with your accounting software company to see if they offer a mobile app. Most major accounting and ERP software solutions include mobile capabilities through their own app. You may not get the full functionality of the software system via the app, but it may come in handy to be able to pull high-level information while you’re away from your office.

Data Management

Online storage and file managers are useful apps to consider. Remember, these apps run in the cloud and can provide remote access to your files. It allows you to manage your files and data remotely much easier than trying to use the small web browser on your phone or tablet. Apps such as Dropbox give you the option to login to your files from the app or on your PC's browser.


If business requires you to travel a lot, you will find several apps to make life easier. You can download airline or hotel apps to help book your stay. You can download Uber or Lyft apps to get transportation in a new city. You can also find several apps to help you do anything from manage travel expenses to locate a place to eat when you’re in unfamiliar territory.

Human Resources

Some recruitment services offer mobile apps so you can continue your efforts to hire someone while you are away from your office. Other features may include tracking time sheets or managing payroll and a variety of other HR functions.


Many phone systems now have correlating mobile apps that allow you take calls to your office line, even if you’re working remotely. If your office has an IP based PBX, you should check to see if they can provide you with an app for that. If you do not own a PBX, look for an IP based telephone service that offers this mobile feature. With the mobile app, you no longer need to be tied to your office location. You can check your messages, answer your calls, participate in a conference call, and work from home seamlessly.

Finally, when choosing an app within the app store (or marketplace), be sure to see the reviews and comments from other users. Those will help you determine the quality of the app. Also, apps with a higher volume of reviews means more people are using them, which is a good indicator of their popularity.
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