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All about Webinars for your Business

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Today let’s discuss webinars.

It’s not exactly like video streaming, but since a webinar falls within a very similar category by virtually connecting your service and products to the customer, we think it’s worthy to talk about.

A webinar is a seminar conducted online. Since it’s a seminar hosted virtually on the web (versus in a conference room), they’ve essentially mashed up the two words to create “webinar.”

Before internet, to hold a seminar, you needed a location, like an auditorium or a hotel conference room, to bring people in. Then, you would give your presentation on a screen using a slideshow presentation. You would ask participants to register and sign up in advance so you knew how many people to expect, and you most likely prepared handouts so people could take notes. That was then. Webinars are now.

Webinars are held virtually so you don’t need a hotel space. You’ll probably still have a slideshow to prepare, but no need to have physical materials ready since it’s all happening online. Webinars can help you reach customers from other states and other countries. It’s a great tool for customer training on your products or services. It’s also a great employee training tool for companies that have sister branches spread out across regions or states. Webinars are effective tools for communicating with a lot of people at once, in various locations.

So how do you set up a webinar?

You can sign up online with a webinar service provider. The cost is usually around $50, depending on the amount of your attendees. There are free ones too, but I have seen them fail miserably, so if you want a guarantee for success, pay the fee. The last thing you want is to sign up for a free webinar service only to have it fail you and give your customers a bad experience or leave them with a bad impression of your company.
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How to Live Stream Videos on Social Media

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Within your social media apps, you can stream live videos easily via your devices. This means your followers can watch in real time as you’re recording something. You don’t have to have special streaming servers, or any special cameras and equipment. You simply need to be connected to your Facebook, Instagram or YouTube apps.

In your Facebook app, all you have to do is click on the live video button in your status. This will let you select the group of followers who can see your video, along with options to accept donations, and add information such as a description or location. At the end of your live broadcast, you have the option to store the video, make it available for viewing, or delete it.

YouTube works a bit differently. You first need to have your YouTube channel set. If you have not done so, please refer to my previous article on January 11, “How to setup a YouTube Channel for your Business.”

Once you have your channel set up, in your channel’s management menu, you will see the “Live Streaming” option. YouTube also allows you to choose your audience, the distribution, and the methods of delivery.

Both media platforms can be used to benefit and advertise your business. See some of the following examples for ideas of things you might broadcast to your followers:

- Live stream a simple recipe if you’re a chef, a kitchen supply company, a food company.
- A food prep demonstration from your restaurant's kitchen of the daily special to boost interest and reservations.
- Travel agent discussing hot spots to visit and what deals people can get right now on accommodations and flights.
- A small fashion show to live stream the latest clothing line from a store.
- Live stream your computer support team in action so customers can see who they’re talking to when they call in.
- Live stream product demonstrations to show how something works or how something gets assembled.
- Live stream details for a one-day-only sale at your store, and feature what items are discounted.

Live video streaming brings you closer than ever to your customers. It gives you the chance to be creative and reach out to those customers via the internet in a unique way.
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The Power of Video Customer Testimonials

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Customer testimonials can be a powerful video marketing tool, if done with an effective strategy for success. Here are some important points for you to think about before launching the production of your video customer testimonial:

What is your end goal with the video?
What is the overall messaging you want the video to put out to the public?

Who should represent your client base?
Sometimes the unspoken statement goes beyond your marketing strategy. Be aware of who you use for your testimonial videos. Do they represent your customer demographic (i.e. male vs. female, age, ethnicity, how nice or casual they dress, etc.)? Appearances can have a big influence on your viewers.

Where should you have your video available?
Where would you like people to find your video? Your homepage, social media, or any other places online?

What messages / key elements would you like your customer to cover?
Be sure to list the key points and keywords, and ask your customers to use those terms. Once they are on camera, you have to rely on what they are going to say. A little training session ahead of the video shoot doesn’t hurt.

How will you measure?
Going back to #1, depending on your goal, how would you measure your video testimonial success? Being able to count the number of times it’s played or shared is one way to measure its success.
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Using Software to Edit your Online Videos

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If you’re looking to produce a professional commercial for TV, or a video that’s more than 10 minutes in length, involves acting, or something to impress corporate investors, you’ll want to leave video production to the professionals. If you try to do it yourself, you’ll likely be disappointed in the quality.

But if you are trying to get out a simple message to your followers and customers, you can try using your tablet or phone to create a more casual video. You can the edit video without going through any extensive training thanks to some free software. You can add captions, music, cut and combine clips, and create your own short films using the software.

If you are a Mac user, look into iMovie, but Windows users will need to download a separate program. You can search “free video editing software for Windows” online and see what is available.

In the software, you’ll start a new project and upload your video, then plunk away with the editing tools, adding music and such. You need to refrain from using any copyrighted materials such as songs or other video clips, unless they are free to distribute. Your video shouldn't include anyone who hasn’t given permission to be in it. It’s important to keep it professional and respect the copyrights.

You can search online for free images and music files to use in your video. You may come across “royalty free” graphics which means you don’t have to pay to use those files, but you still need to give credit to the copyright source, and in some cases still ask for permission to use it.
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YouTube Video Clip Ideas for your Business

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Videos can bring you in sync with your customers by humanizing your business. And with today’s tools, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars in production costs. In fact, you can use your tablet, your smart phone or a USB camera to create quality video messages.

Based on the stats showing the popularity of online videos, you can bet your video will have a much higher chance of getting clicked on than a link in your email blast, or a button on your homepage. If the odds are that good, video marketing is definitely worth exploring and testing.

Consider some of the following topics you could film:

1) Season’s greetings message
2) Staff introductions
3) How-to lessons
4) Product demonstrations
5) History of your company
6) Important company milestones, awards or anniversaries
7) Customer thank you message
8) Introducing promotions

You can upload videos to your YouTube account directly from your smart phone, or simply download the clip onto your computer and upload through YouTube’s browser. It’s that simple, and your message doesn’t have to be very long. As we stated before, many videos online are less than two minutes long.

We recently embedded video links into our PSPINC newsletters. The videos introduce our tech support team, so customers can put faces and names with the voices they hear on the phone when they call in.

The video results were incredible. We not only had higher click-throughs and views on these videos, customers started responding to the messages and engaging with us more.

Think about what you want your video message to say. But before getting started, you need to set a goal for your video. Like any other marketing strategy, a means without goals will not get the results you want.
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How to Set up a YouTube Channel for Business

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Did you know you can start your very own YouTube channel? Think of it like turning on the TV (YouTube) and picking a channel to watch. Yes, you can create your own channel for your business, and entice viewers to come watch what you produce! People can even choose to “follow” your channel and receive updates each time you post something new.

Here’s how to get started:

1) Login to YouTube using your Gmail account.
2) From your PC, click on “My Channel” on the left side menu. If you’re working thru the app, click on your avatar icon in the top right corner, and select “My Channel” from the dropdown menu.
3) Click on “Customize Channel” to start your own YouTube channel.
4) Upload the banner image, click “About” to setup your channel descriptions.

Creator Studio is a helpful tool that can also be found under your avatar’s main menu. It has tools to help you manage your video, add watermarks, add music, see analytics, stream live videos and more.

Once you have 100 subscribers to your channel, Google will allow you to create your own custom URL, for easier brand recognition (for example, our YouTube address is ). When your channel is up and running, be sure to send it out to your employees and work associates so they can subscribe.

But what are the benefits of starting a YouTube channel for your business? Well, for one, YouTube videos tend to rank higher in search engines than other video platforms or videos you host on your website. So, it optimizes your chance of being found in searches. Also, a billion people use YouTube for research and entertainment, giving you a better chance to get some additional exposure you otherwise wouldn’t have had.

Instead of suffering through your own streaming server, it makes sense to have your own YouTube channel if it’s branded under your business correctly.
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Streaming versus Downloading Videos

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There are two ways to view videos online – downloading or streaming – two words you’ve probably heard before. But do you know the difference between the two?

Downloading is just that, downloading a video file to your computer in its entirety. Once it’s saved, you can hit play and enjoy. Streaming works kind of like a streaming river – the data is hosted on another server that streams or transmits the information to you over a computer network in a continuous flow of data. YouTube is a form of video streaming.

So what’s the better format to use when producing your own videos? Let’s look at some pros and cons for you to consider:

- Streaming can be a faster overall process since the video can play right then and there without having to go through the download process, however;

- High-resolution videos (meaning larger files) may require more bandwidth or internet speed for streaming or else they won’t play as smoothly as they would if they were downloaded first.

- When streaming, viewers must be online, whereas once a video is downloaded, viewers can watch it offline.

- To stream, videos must be played via servers such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

- Viewers will not be able to save streamed videos on their devices.

If you wish to prevent users from saving your video files, don’t give them a download option. To maintain control of the video, you should consider using a media server like YouTube to distribute your video and stream to viewers. There are pros and cons to using YouTube you should know as well, but we will cover those in one of our next articles.
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The Power of Videos in Modern-Day Marketing

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I have to admit, I hate reading long articles or wordy manuals. I just don’t have the time. So, what do I do? I go in search of a video that will show me the same information. It’s usually a condensed, more visually appealing way to get the information I want, and therefore I retain the information more easily.

There are many stats that show the rising popularity of online videos, which we’ll cover below. Some research indicates videos account for three-fourths of all internet traffic. More than half of us are searching online for videos.

What does this mean for your business? It’s important to think critically about how you can include video into your online marketing efforts. Let’s cover some basics this month, to get you started. Here are some stats you may find interesting:

- YouTube has over a billion users.
- 8 billion video views from 500 million Facebook users occur on average daily.
- In the US, on average, people will watch 1 hour worth of video on digital devices daily.
- About half of the videos are 2 minutes or less.
- Most common topics are how-tos, testimonials, demos, and explanations.
- More than three-fourths of viewers will finish an entire video.

No matter the size of your business, it's worth your while to include video into your online marketing strategy if you want to get more traffic. Thanks to more readily available tools, they can be produced at a reasonable to no cost. Like any other online content, however, it will take your time and effort, and creativity, to be successful.
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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! It's the year of the dog and we couldn't be happier!

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