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5 Work Place Resolutions For 2019

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Map the Year Ahead

Take a few minutes and write down your biggest goals for the New Year. Then break them down into smaller goals. And then even smaller goals, all the way down to tiny bit-sized goals you can easily accomplish. Accountability is crucial, so make sure you write down when you want to finish each goal (quarter, month, or day). The more specific you can get, the better. Jotting down big, yearly goals can make them feel out of reach. By dissecting them into smaller achievable goals, you can build your confidence with each check mark!

Tomorrow’s To-Do list, Today

A great habit to get into is writing down what you need to do tomorrow before you leave work today. It can help alleviate some of the stress you might bring home from work and help you get laser focused the next morning. Then, when you get into the office you can run through your list again and jump right back in where you left off.

Learn to Say No

Some of us get into the habit of saying yes to everything, even if we really don’t have time. This year, work on saying no (politely!) instead of taking on more work than you can handle. You don’t always have to say no, but sometimes you need to. It’ll allow you to have more time to produce the best quality work on the projects you already have. It may seem uncomfortable at first, but it gets easier!

Treat Yourself

Some mornings you just know it’s not going to be your day. It can be challenging to come into work, focus, and get things done. Whether you’re running late, in a cranky mood, or just out of whack, take a moment and treat yourself. It can be as simple as listening to your favorite song, stopping for an overpriced latte, or getting an extra doughnut from the kitchen. You’ll be surprised at how taking a moment for you can turn around your day.

Have Professional Courage

When we think about courage, we don’t often equate it to work. This year challenge yourself to have more professional courage. What does that mean? Take yourself out of your comfort zone and try to grow in other areas of your professional life. This could mean taking on a new project you aren’t entirely comfortable with, or it could be attending networking events and meeting new people. That thing that makes your stomach a bit queasy and your hands sweaty, try it! Challenging yourself professionally is the only way to grow and 2019 is your year to do it.
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Happy Holidays From PSP!

Happy Holidays From PSP!
From all of us at PSPinc we want to wish you and your family a very happy and healthy holiday season! And Happy New Year!

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PSPinc 2018 Year In Review

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Data Center Move

The beginning of 2018 brought big changes for our company as we began to move our data center in downtown Seattle. Over the course of a few months we disassembled the existing data center – removing racks and cords and replacing hardware. We set up Ethernet cables, power cords, and installed new switches. It was quite the process. We now have a new data center, still in downtown Seattle, which we manage remotely from our headquarters in Bellevue.

Dream Big Contest

We love to hear from our customers and see how their businesses are developing and growing. This summer we held a contest to see which of our customers had the best designed website. After all the submissions were in, we took an office-wide vote and chose three winners. The winners were gifted an iPad, Alexa Echo Dot, and Beats by Dre headphones.

PSPinc 31st Anniversary

The end of summer brought another milestone for our company. Last year we celebrated our 30th Anniversary with a huge company dinner and video created by RB Content labs. Saturday July 7th we made it to our 31st Anniversary. We’re proud to continue serving our customers and representing the great state of Washington.

PSP Children’s Foundation Golf Tournament

Each year the PSP Children’s Foundation hosts a charity golf tournament at the beautiful Aldarra Golf Club. This year we had a fantastic turnout on August 13th, raising thousands of dollars to put into five scholarships for business students at the University of Washington. We are truly honored to host such an amazing event with lots of great partners, participants, and the support of the local community.
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SEO Trends For 2019

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Mobile First

Mobile traffic has only recently surpassed desktop traffic around the world. Which means Google needs to adjust how they look at and rank websites. How do they plan on doing this? Google announced “Mobile first indexing” – which basically means if you have a desktop and mobile version of your website, Google will look at the mobile site first.

In 2019, you’ll want to make sure your mobile website is optimized for small screens and fingertips. But remember, it’s mobile first, not mobile only, so don’t ignore your desktop website either.

Website Security

Website security has made countless headlines in 2018 and it will continue to be important into the New Year. Google checks websites for an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which indicates whether a website is secure or not. Websites without this certificate will be labeled ‘Not Secure’ by Google search results. Don’t have an SSL certificate? Don’t worry, PSPinc offers SSL certificates!

Video Carousels

In the past when you searched for videos on Google you had three thumbnails to choose from. Now, Google is expanding the video search results to show a carousel of multiple videos. This expands the amount of videos that can be listed for each Google search. Video marketing has been growing over the past few years. Google realizes that users are searching for videos so they’ve made changes to reflect that.

Going Beyond Google

According to a 2018 survey done by Adeptmind (, the number of shoppers who start their search on Amazon is 46.7%. That’s more than 10% higher than those who start their search on Google, 34.6%. If your company sells products online, it’s important to expand your reach beyond Google searches. It’s not where people start their online shopping anymore and that trend will continue into 2019.

Local Search Geo-targeting

Attracting local customers is becoming increasingly targeted and will keep heading that direction next year. When updating your website content try to be as specific as you can about your location, even including cross streets instead of broad suburbs. A great way to help with local search is by running highly targeted ads to specific neighborhoods and areas surrounding your business.

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Give your Desktop a Fresh Start for 2019

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When your desktop is so cluttered, you can no longer view the wallpaper or picture you set as the background, that’s a clear indication it’s time to organize and purge some files.

The fact is if you haven’t opened any of those files within the last 12 months, you should file/archive them into folders, or simply delete them. Not only will you be able to find things easier, feeling organized can lead to less stress and improved mood. It makes sense that when things are in order, you’d feel good about that!

Consider these simple tips for cleaning and organizing so you can start fresh in 2019:

- Clean up your desktop files first so you can view that nice wallpaper/picture background.
- Empty your recycle bin on your computer and your junk mail, clutter, and deleted items in your email program?
- Check your downloads folder. All the files you download from your email and browsers are stored there, which can take up a lot of space – until you go in and purge.
- Delete programs you don’t use.
- Organize your photos into folders by subject or year, or both, and delete duplicates.
- Consider investing in a utility software like Clean My Mac (Mac) or AVG PC TuneUp (Windows) that helps you clean up your files and programs.

In 2019 work smarter, not harder! The first step in doing so is organizing your workspace – both physical and digital. Take some time to clean up, purge, archive, organize, file, and go into the New Year feeling optimistic for what’s ahead.
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Tips for Organizing your Desktop Computer

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Nowadays, everything is electronic. File folders on our computers act like file folders we used to have in actual cabinets. But just like our filing cabinets of old used to get messy with paper documents, our computers can get cluttered with electronic documents. It’s time to clean up so we can find things easier.

Here are some tips to consider when filing documents:

Use/Label Folders. Think of organizing folders on your drive like you would organize folders in an old cabinet or file box. For example, create a folder for each year by simply naming it 2019 or 2018. Work within the current year’s folder, but files from previous years will be easy to find when needed.

Use Special Characters. Your computer will sort file names alphabetically, but if you want to beat that system and sort a file or a folder above the rest, consider using special characters (i.e. ! @ # $) or numbers to your advantage. By placing ! in front of your folder name, such as, !Holiday_Party, you’ve now bumped it up ahead of the folder titled, Employee_Policies. Use this filing strategy when you’ll want easy access to a file or folder that would otherwise be pushed down the list. Also note that your computer will categorize folders with special characters in the order the symbols appear on your keyboard, so 1)! 2)@ 3)# and so on.

Tag Files. Certain software programs like Microsoft Office will let you add information to your file, beyond what you name it. From the file menu, if you view properties you’ll see where you can add a title, tags (keywords), and comments. Adding these elements to your document will make it easier to find when using the advanced search feature.

A cluttered desktop can result in frustration and time wasted more than anything. Start the New Year fresh with some new strategies for naming your folders and filing your documents.
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Take Advantage of your Email Archive

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This month we’re covering some tips on cleaning up your virtual office, starting with email. We’ve discussed making your inbox a priority on your to-do list, now let’s discuss the advantage of using your sent and archive folders to help you organize.

I try to keep about three months’ worth of emails in my sent folder, but typically when I send an email, I BCC myself to receive a copy of it in my inbox. Having a copy land in my inbox helps me stay on top of tasks. It also helps me remember to file the important emails once they land in my inbox.

In Outlook, Thunderbird, or MacMail, you can set up your email program to automatically delete emails older than a certain time period, but I prefer to manually clean up so I can review my tasks once more. It’s all a matter of preference, and these are simply ideas to consider.

A lesser-used but highly beneficial folder is the archive folder. It’s a great place to file emails “just in case” you need that information ever again. Your archive folder stores all emails on your local drive (or in a cloud-based drive). Most email programs compress this folder so your disk space doesn’t get filled up as fast as keeping them in your inbox or sent folder. Yet you can still search emails in your archive folder in case you need to retrieve the information again.

Moving emails from your inbox to the archive is simple -- just drag and drop, and enjoy a little peace of mind that your information is safely organized for use later on.
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‘Tis the Season to Organize your Virtual Office

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It’s hard to believe we are counting down the final days of the year. The holiday season can be a quieter time in the office – which makes it a great time to do some house-cleaning so you can start fresh in 2019! Follow along this month as we cover some tips on how to organize your virtual office.

First, we have to ask the big question: How many emails do you have in your inbox? 10, 100, 1000, or don’t have a clue…? Typically, in Outlook, you’ll see “items” in the bottom corner of your screen followed by the number of emails. Next to it, you’ll see the amount of “unread” emails.

Cleaning your inbox may seem like a chore, but putting it on your to-do list is a worthy idea. Cleaning up your virtual spaces, such as your inbox, can feel just as great as walking into a freshly cleaned office or kitchen or bedroom. And just like walking into a clean office space where you can find things easier, and the things you need are more accessible, the same can be said for email.

Ever searched for a keyword to find something in your inbox and several emails come up? When you think of all the times you’ve had to wade through old emails (some with the same subject line) to find what you need, the time really adds up. Think of it this way. If it takes about 3 minutes to read one email, how many minutes or hours have you wasted in just the past year scanning over old information?

To increase your email efficiency, start sorting:

- Trash
- Assign to someone
- File to a folder accordingly
- Keep it as your task to complete
- Archive

You might start by going way back to the earliest emails you have in your inbox and see if you can mass delete a bunch of them based on the dates and subjects. Don’t forget to check your spam, outbox and drafts folders to see if you can clear those out as well.
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