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The Importance of Publishing your Privacy Policy

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In my previous blog on June 7, we talked about writing down a privacy policy on how to handle your clients’ sensitive data. We know we need to have privacy protection in place, but why do we need to have it documented? Well, here are five good reasons why:

1) Putting your privacy policy on paper will help you lay out a procedure for protecting your customers’ data. It’s also a good way to review how you’ve been doing it thus far, and what needs to be added or changed.

2) Once you have your main points, you can run through some common scenarios to see if you are missing anything that could jeopardize the data. It’s good practice to review it and practice the protocol as part of your business operation.

3) When your policy is confirmed on paper, share it with your team. Your policy is only as good as your people who have to follow it. And it only works if your guidelines are consistently put into practice.

4) Publishing your privacy policy shows your customers how you plan to keep their data safe and secure. It adds an element of trust.

5) Your privacy policy shows the world you are a trusted company who cares at a time when people have a heightened awareness on the subject of data protection and sharing.

Don’t assume your customers know your procedures for keeping their data secure. Some of the policies you write down may seem like common sense to you, but not necessarily common sense to everyone else. So, write it out, and publish it for you, your staff, and your customers’ knowledge. Everyone will be better off for having strict guidelines to know and follow.
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