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9 Things Every Small Business Website Should Have

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As a business, you want to make sure your office or storefront looks professional. You may apply a new coat of paint, add lighting and signage where it’s needed. You do this because you know your appearance has an effect on people’s opinion of your business. Well, the same concept applies to your online business.

Below, we share 9 elements that every website needs to put its best foot forward.

A Clear Description

When someone visits your website, they shouldn’t have to dig through pages to learn who you are and what your business does. State your business name clearly and sum up your products or services on the homepage. Don’t put everything on your homepage, just enough to give visitors adequate information about your business so they can decide if they’re on the right site.

Easy Website Address

When choosing a web address, note two things: Make it memorable and keep it short. If your web address is complex and long, your visitors might forget what to type in or misspell it. Keep it simple and try to avoid dashes, if possible.

Simple Navigation

So you don’t know how to code or anything about web design. Great! Keep your website simple and easy to navigate. Worry less about how pretty your website looks; instead make it easy to navigate and chock-full of great information about your business.

Clear Contact Information

It sounds silly, but you’d be surprised how many websites don’t have a clear description of the business or any way to be contacted. Contact information should be one of the top priorities when building a website. A clear and obvious section that contains your phone number, address, business hours, and email info can make a huge difference.

If you can, add a contact form on your website to make it even easier for visitors to contact you.

Customer Testimonials

Establish trust and legitimacy with new visitors by adding testimonials to your website. People love to hear from other people about their stories and experiences with a company. If you don’t have any testimonials, start asking your current or past customers to leave one on Google or Yelp. In exchange, you can offer to link to their businesses website from the testimonial they give you.

Call to Action

Each page on your website should serve a purpose and that purpose should have a ‘call to action’. What is the purpose of your homepage? It might be to inform visitors about your business and give them a way to learn more about your products/service. So in this case, you should have a call to action that leads visitors to your product/service information.

If the purpose of your product page is to lead customers to your contact page, have a call to action that links them to the contact page.

Fresh Content

Updating your website with new quality content frequently will not only help your SEO, it will also give visitors the most up-to-date information. Websites that have old and outdated information reflect poorly on the business.

Links to Social

Your business should be on social media as another means to reach potential customers online. A great way to grow your social channels is to include icons on your website that link to your social pages.

Secure Hosting

Often overlooked, a secure hosting platform can make a huge difference when it comes to your website. Small businesses that collect user information need to protect themselves and their customers. It’s important to find a trustworthy hosting company that will keep your websites protected from hacker attacks.

Dreamersi is a product of PSPinc and offers secure hosting packages and SSL certificates that ensure your site is protected at all times.
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Step out of your Business Comfort Zone

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Doing the same thing the same way might be comfortable, but is it helping your business progress? That’s the question of the day.

The formula for success is simple: you make a profit by earning more revenue than your cost. So we often focus on ways to increase our revenue, but what if we could also cut costs? And remember, time is costly too.

One of our clients needed help making their process more efficient, cutting back on the time, energy, and especially manpower to make their operation work…

The company has a very data-entry driven process, which includes multiple steps, such as data collection, compiling, confirming and entering the data into multiple places. We discovered they not only spent a lot of time entering the same thing over and over, but during that process, mistakes were being made.

They had at least three to four people touching the data; first on paper, next on the whiteboard, into Excel, and finally onto their server database. For every touch point, there was a new person involved.

PSP came up with a solution. First, we spent a good amount of time analyzing the flow of data entry and understanding each person’s job. Then we created a single point of data entry via browser, where multiple people can view the forms. Not only did we eliminate the need to enter the data multiple times, but we helped improve the client's overall business process, making it more efficient, accurate and secure. Our new system also gave them access to the data from multiple locations.

This business bravely stepped out of their comfort zone and look what it got them – an entirely upgraded process that will same them time, effort and money.
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Digitizing your Business Operations

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Today we want to share another example of a company that stepped outside the box to improve its business operations.

Vantaggio Suites is a specialty extended-stay hotel chain, located in San Diego and San Francisco, serving mainly business travelers on assignment and students studying abroad. Because their customers stay with them for longer periods of time, extra paperwork is required. And when we say paperwork, we mean good old-fashioned hard copies. This was costing them a lot of time and resources producing copies, filing, and searching for documents.

Think about it. How much extra time would it take to simply file every piece of paperwork and then search for it when needed? Then tack on the cost of paper and printing, and the space it would take to keep all of those documents securely tucked away.

Vantaggio wanted to shorten its 15 to 20-minute check-in process and be able to pull up documents immediately rather than dig through filing cabinets. If they have 20 guests to check in, and each one takes 15 minutes, that’s a solid 5-hours just to check in guests. What happens if 4 guests arrive at the same time?

PSP to the rescue. First, we learned all about their check-in process. We went through each step and every document, making it all digital. We even took it a step further by making the process mobile and tablet-friendly. Now, customers can check-in on tablets, read the rules, waivers, watch the video, and then the information is filed electronically. We also created a set of search functions so office staff can find and pull customer information quickly.

This may not be your business model, but perhaps it’ll get you thinking about ways you can make your business operations run more efficiently. After all, time is money!
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Using Web Tools to Simplify your Business Operation

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As a current business owner, let’s say you’ve imagined opening another storefront, however this may prove difficult with higher operation costs. But what if you designed your new storefront to be a self-serving option for customers, avoiding the overhead?

One of our clients did just that, and it worked out really well for them.

For custom sign printing, our client’s business model requires its staff to spend time explaining signage options to customers, as well as designing their graphics. They provide quite a bit of customer service up front, even before a sign gets printed and shipped.

PSP helped this client construct and design a new online store, which included web tools that allow visitors to choose sign options and design their own graphics. We provided a set of drawing tools and a file manager to empower customers to upload or create their own designs and logos. Typically, those who are exploring purchasing options online are savvy enough to dive in and take charge of their own experiences.

The new tools eliminate the need for staff to consult with customers before a purchase is made, saving the business time and money. The storefront was given its own brand and identity, differentiating the online store to be more user-friendly with a different pricing structure.

You don’t need to brand your online store the same as your brick and mortar store. You just need to compare the cost of opening and operating the two, and make decisions to price the products and services accordingly. You also want to be aware that people who shop at your physical location will mostly likely have different expectations from people who shop at your online store.
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Don’t Limit your Business Dreams

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In the 1990s, owning your domain name became a growing business trend. If you had an email address with your business domain name, such as instead of or, it made your business look professional.

In the 2010s, online business became even easier with content management web tools, such as Dreamersi WebdeXpress, that help you build your own website. You no longer need HTML coding skills to build a professional-looking site for your company.

So here we are at the end of the 2010s, and what’s next?

In March, let’s talk about growing and going beyond the basic tools to envision bigger possibilities for your online business. Years ago, you wouldn’t have thought it possible to build your own website, unless you had the technical training to do so. But now it’s possible!

So what are you dreaming up next for your online business? It might not be just a dream anymore. With the extensive web tools available in this age, we can probably do the things you’ve imagined, but haven’t sought out due to limitations in budget or time, or something else.

Before we dive into some specific examples, here are some things to think about:

- Don’t be limited to what you see on your computer screen.
- Think of your goals, not your means.
- Stop worrying about what you don’t have, but rather, where you want to go.
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