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10 Dos and Don’ts for your Company Newsletter

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We discussed the ease in which you can create a newsletter using NewsMail templates in our last blog post, but why do you need to send a newsletter in the first place?

Newsletters are a critical line of communication with your existing or potential customer base. You want to maintain that relationship with your customers and feed them new information about your company as it comes in. Let’s look at some Dos and Don’ts for your company newsletter:

1) Do make a schedule. Decide whether to send your newsletter weekly, monthly or quarterly depending on your company goals.

2) Don’t send a newsletter every week simply because you want to get in front of people more often. If you’re not telling them anything new and important, expect a lot of ‘unsubscribes’ to follow.

3) Do share: promotions, company news, new products or services, holiday greetings, customer surveys and feedback, instructional content or videos (how-tos), customer testimonials, cause marketing efforts (community giving), employee spotlights and more.

4) Don’t share all of those things in one email! Spread it out. Keep the content to a minimum, featuring just two to three things, so as not to overwhelm the reader.

5) Do provide your contact information: phone, email, web forms and social media sites.

6) Don’t send your newsletter without having a fresh set of eyes review it for content or grammatical errors.

7) Do cross-promote your blog and social media sites. Informative blog articles can boost your website’s SEO, and as a bonus, they make for great newsletter content. Once you’ve sent out your newsletter, you can deconstruct the newsletter, using its content for social media posts, expanding your reach to existing and potential customers. See how they all work together?

8) Don’t be shy about testing out different subject lines. See what works and what doesn’t to get a better open rate. Same goes for when to send – do people tend to open your newsletter more when you send in the morning versus the afternoon; early in the week or later in the week?

9) Do look at the analytics to see what people are clicking on to get an idea of what topics your customers find interesting.

10) DO contact us at PSP to help you get started using NewsMail, and let’s get your newsletter off the ground!
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