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PSPinc will help your business thrive by providing for all of your technology needs. We offer a wide array of products, including Web & Email Hosting, Website Development, Email Marketing and Data Storage Solutions. Visit to learn more.

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PSP one of PSBJ Fast Growing Companies

PSP one of PSBJ Fast Growin...
Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. one of the Northwest's leading business Web and Hosting providers, is proud to announce its ranking of 65th on the 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in Washington State. The annual list published by Puget Sound Business Journal focuses on privately held, Washington State companies with revenue growth over the last three years.

The Fastest-Growing Private Companies program was launched 16 years ago by the Puget Sound Business Journal to identify and recognize companies speeding to the top of their industries. To be eligible, companies must: be privately held and headquartered in Washington; have at least $500,000 in net revenue in 2007; show an overall growth from 2007 to 2009 fiscal years; and agree to have their CPA confirm their net operating revenues with Puget Sound Business Journal.

PSP, Inc. was ranked 92nd in the 2009 Puget Sound Business Journal rankings with 15% to 25% consistent steady growth. PSP, Inc. has moved 27 spots over the last three years. PSP, Inc. has also been ranked 3,418th place in Inc. Magazine's 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America list for 2010."The key to our success is a steady and sustainable growth not only over the past three years but over the last five years during all types of economic climates," said Mayumi Nakamura, President and CEO of PSP, Inc. "We would not have been able to achieve this level of consistent growth without our loyal customers and support."

PSP, Inc. is in its 24th year of the software development industry and has over 16 years of local hosting experience in the greater Seattle area, hosting over 37,000 domains between Japan and the USA. PSP, Inc. plans for a 15% to 25% increase in its domain hosting and Web development businesses in the U.S. market each year over the next five years to match and exceed the business from the Japanese market.

Puget Sound Business Journal is the region's premier source of business information, serving an unparalleled audience of business and community leaders. In addition to the weekly newspaper, the Business Journal provides daily updates via its web site and email alerts. The company also plays a vital role in bringing the area's leadership community together by hosting a wide variety of events throughout the year, from the Women of Influence awards event to the Washington? Best Workplaces event at Safeco Field. Puget Sound Business Journal is a unit of American City Business Journals, which operates 40 local business newspapers throughout the United States. Visit Puget Sound Business Journal on the web at

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Web Strategies for Small Companies

Web Strategies for Small Comp...
We host more than 37,000 web domains at our data center in Seattle. Many of them are owned by small companies in Japan. Some use our services to operate reliable email systems for their companies while others use our services to bring more customers by creating and maintaining web sites. In the online market, there isn't a single strategy that works for everyone. Utilizing the one that saves money or makes you money is the right strategy.

What is your Internet strategy?
Many companies do not have an online strategy and that is okay. Having a presence online is better than not having one at all, so long as you are not throwing money at it. There are some basics you need to know before you allocate funds. Please check the following check list.

1. Do you have your own domain?
2. Do you use the domain you have to operate your email? Does everyone in your company have their own email address?
3. Do you have a web site with your contact information, such as an address and phone number?
Those are the very basic of your Internet strategies. If you have them and if you are not spending more than $30 a month, you are doing very well. Actually, you could do those much cheaper than $30 but $30 is not outrageous. If your company has less than 10 people and if you are spending over $100 a month, you can do better. The rule of thumb is That the email should cost no more than $2.00 per account per month unless it is a Microsoft Exchange, then it should cost about five times that. But there is no reason for a small company to run Microsoft Exchange. (Don't get me wrong. Microsoft Exchange is a good system design for medium to large corporation. It is just not cost effective solution for small companies.)

If you do not have those basics done, please contact a web hosting company to setup your domain, email and web site. If you would like, we would be happy to help you setup domain, email and web site for you. You can check PSPINC's web hosting service at

How do you expand your Internet presence?
There are several things you can do but the first step is to refine your web page. Many companies try to upgrade web pages by adding more contents. I see some companies having over hundred pages of "USEFUL" information that nobody reads. You need to say 5W1H. In case you do not know what 5W1H are:

Who? - Your company name, management...
What? - What do you do?
Where? - Where does your business cover?
When? - Your business hours.
Why? - Why should people contact you?
How? - Your methods.
That information can be made into fewer page as possible. As a business your web page should concentrate on "Customer Testimonials" and "Awards and Recognitions". Also you should talk about privacy policies and ethics.

The web page should not look like a high school project but you do not need to create a web page looking like publicly traded companies. What is the good budget for simple, clean and effective web site? I would say $3 ~ $4,000. Of cause you can do cheaper than that. In fact, you can create a $500 web site, but people will be able to tell you spend next to nothing. It is your company in the Internet; you should dress up a little.

When you are creating a web site, you should ask for two things. Is it search engine friendly (Some people call it SEO ready)? And is there a CMS (Content Management System) behind it so that you can easily update the content. Also, it is very important if you hire someone to create your web site to make sure you own the web site. Believe it or not, some web developers will take your web site hostage when you try to update or move it somewhere else.

How do you promote your web site?
There are several inexpensive ways to promote your web site. And there are several expensive ways as well. For smaller companies, you need to watch your spending because you could spend hundreds and thousands of dollars promoting your site.

- Blog for Search Engine Optimization
SEO should be a part of web development rather ran ongoing marketing effort for small companies. One thing for sure is that you need to constantly update your web site to make sure the search engines are constantly updating your data. One of the best ways to do this is to incorporate blog in to your web site. PSPINC offers which is free and there is no advertisement.

- Printing your web address
You need to print your web address (it is called URL, Universal Resource Locator) on your business cards, envelopes, letterheads, email signatures, press releases. Anything that your customers, suppliers and prospects can see should have your URL.

- Email Marketing
You should use email to promote your business. You are reading this newsletter on the email or blog page. I am doing this to inform you about the options, but I am also advertising PSPINC. Am I selling anything directly on this email? No. But you now know more about what PSPINC does. You should do the same. Email is a powerful tool. But if you use it in wrong way, like SPAM, it will backfire at your company. Do not ever SPAM. Do not buy email list from the internet and send email. It is considered a bad ethics.

There you have it. Here are some of web strategies I think that are important for small companies. If you have any question or comment, I will be happy to correspond with you. PSPINC provides all the services that I talked about in this email.

Ken Uchikura

Chairman and CTO of Pacific Software Publishing, Inc

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NewsMail2U 30 Day Free Trial

NewsMail2U 30 Day Free Trial
Wanting to reach out to your customers for a promotion, but don't want to blow your budget on direct mail pieces?

TheNewsmail2U broadcasting service is a cost-effective method of reaching out to your clients. This can be done for a fraction of the cost by sending personalized emails to multiple recipients with ease and efficiency. Nesmail2U is a great option when trying sending clients and/or potential clients

Greeting cards
Holliday cards
Event invites
Company announcements

All is done simply with our pre-designed templates and three color options for each or a custom designed template that matches the look and feel of your businesses website.
Contact us today to start your 30 day free Newsmail2U trial at or 425-957-0808

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100 Fastest -Growing Companies

We are very happy to announce that PSP is one of Puget Sound Business Journal’s 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in Washington State for 2010. PSP will be listed along with 99 other companies in the Business Journal’s October 15 issue.

Thanks for your support.

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DreamersI Launches Upgraded Hosting

As part of PSP's commitment to improving and bettering our services for our customers, we are proud to announce the release of our brand new website as a part of its new and upgraded web service launch with PHP 5 support. delivers local hosting solutions for companies big and small, offering a team unmatched in experience and reputation. While we are masters at delivering hosting, email, and storage solutions, we never forget that our real business is supporting customers. As a local web-hosting company based in Seattle, Washington, we know our reputation is only as good as our last call and the quality service we deliver.
A new and improved web service provides new features and new Apache 2.2 platform home. Upgraded applications are available for; some new features such as shared SSL Support and WebdePhoto have been added to the administrator panel for the customers as web tools for customers.
New platform home supports Web environments including:
PHP 5.3.2
MySQL 5.1.48
Perl 5.8.8
Ruby 1.8.5
Python 2.4.3

"We continue to develop all our own products and software in house to meet the needs of businesses," said Mayumi Nakamura, President and CEO of PSP. "We focus on our customer service all provided with our local staff. This will enable our clients to focus on their businesses, and we will continue to grow our business with our customers' growth."
PSP plans to release other features such as new Web Mail and New Spam Filter this year also.


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New Version of DreamersI Release

New Version of DreamersI Rel...
We are very happy to announce the release of our new dreamersi!
Following upgraded applications are available on the new version of dreamersi some of the new features such as shared SSL and WebdePhoto are added to the administrator panel.

PHP 5.3.2
MySQL 5.1.48
Apache 2.2
Perl 5.8.8
Ruby 1.8.5
Python 2.4.3

Current dreamersi remains as is.
The new version is available only by subscribing. Please contact

Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.

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Local Hosting Global Reach

Local Hosting Global Reach Dr...
We are very happy to announce the launch of our brand new website. delivers local hosting solutions for companies big and small, offering a team unmatched in experience and reputation.

Head over to the new website today to see what we can offer your business!

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PSP ranks 3,418 on the 2010 Inc List.


PSP is proud to announce its 3,418 place ranking in the 2010 Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America. The annual list published by Inc. magazine focuses on privately held, U.S.-based companies with revenue growth over the last three years.

"We are honored to be listed as one of the 2010 Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America," said Mayumi Nakamura, President and CEO of PSP, Inc. "In 2009, PSP was ranked 4,049, jumping a total of 631 spots for the 2010 list. We can only thank our clients for supporting and choosing our services, we could not have done it without them."

PSP, Inc., established in Washington, receives 90% of their corporate domain hosting business from Japan and is currently one of the largest corporate domain hosting providers outside of Japan for the Japanese market. As one of the Northwest's leading business Web and Hosting providers with over 22 years of industry experience, PSP plans to grow the U.S. market to meet and exceed the business from the Japanese market.

"We continue to develop all our own products and software in house to meet the needs of businesses in the U.S.," said Nakamura. "We look forward to maintaining the growth of our business and the company, and increasing our ranking on the list in the next year."

About PSP

Founded in 1987, PSP, Inc. is a Web Development and Hosting Company that does a whole lot more, located in Bellevue, WA providing services to over 37,000 corporations. PSP, Inc. has continued to grow into a successful company doing business in both the U.S. and Japanese markets. Visit to learn more.

About, the daily resource for entrepreneurs, delivers how-to guides, advice, tools, breaking news, and rich multi-media to help business owners and CEOs start, run, and grow their businesses. offers dynamic marketing solutions to help advertisers effectively reach's audience of business leaders. Visit


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PSP Recognized For Green Initiatives

PSP is pleased to announce its inclusion on King County’s Best Workplace for Recycling and Waste Reduction 2010 list. The list recognizes 65 businesses in the King County area for their recycling and waste reduction practices.

“It is important for PSP, Inc. to take part in different recycling and waste reduction efforts,” says Mayumi Nakamura, President and CEO of PSP “As a company we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by establishing greener practices.”

PSP received recognition for providing employees easy access to recycling bins, which are available at every desk, the mail/copy room and lunchroom. The company has re-use stations for styrofoam packaging materials and reusable paper next to the copy machines. Waste reduction efforts at the company also include proper disposal of potentially hazardous materials such as fluorescent lights and paint. The company also owns a fleet of fuel-efficient cars that employees drive to customer sites when needed.

PSP currently purchases 33 percent of its monthly electrical services from the PSE Green Power Program (renewable energy) for our Bellevue corporate office.

The Best Workplace for Recycling and Waste Reduction programs list has grown from 21 businesses in 2007 to 65 businesses in 2010. To learn more about the Best Workplace for Recycling and Waste Reduction 2010, please visit

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Adam Can't Date, Says

Many of us have had dreams; sometimes these dreams feel so real we have a hard time distinguishing them from reality. For one Adam Broetje, President of cMedia Productions, a Seattle-based Internet Marketing Firm, his nightmare is just beginning...

Pacific Software Publishing (PSP) recently upgraded a web-based blogging platform called, which they have limited to only 1,000 users on the version. They hired cMedia initially to help with the Search Engine Optimization of the platform and then asked cMedia to help in growing the number of bloggers on the system as well.

As motivation to work as quickly as possible, Adam is going to give up dating until cMedia can find 1,000 users for
"I told them that the money was motivation enough. Unfortunately I continued to joke that if I needed to work quicker, I wouldn't date until we filled the 1,000 users. When I made the joke I expected them to laugh along with me; instead they just smiled and started taking notes."

It was what his co-workers like to call "death via dedication." cMedia's Strategy Manager, Chris Goddard, says, "Adam has a habit of driving forward like a blind mountain goat with little regard for unforeseen personal consequences." It appears Chris is spot on.
cMedia has now set up a website,, to let people follow the progress of a 28-year-old single male who can't date.
PSP President Mayumi Nakamura said, "Who knows, it might just be crazy enough to work, but I do know one thing, we're all going to have a good laugh at Adam's expense."

Ken Uchikura, founder of PSP, is offering a $1000 reward to anyone who catches Adam out on a date and sends in a picture before he reaches his goal of 1000 bloguru users.

Bloguru is a free blog publishing service provided by Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. Bloguru makes it simple and easy to share your thoughts, add news, and post photos and video with the world. Bloguru is an invitation only site that contains no advertisements. To learn more about Bloguru, please see FAQ section. To become a Bloguru member please request a membership.

About cMedia
cMedia harmonizes website design, search engine optimization and social media to maximize your online marketing. Check out our services in more detail at, or visit our contact page to set up a meeting. We're always happy to discuss how we might be able to benefit your business.

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