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The American Kurabito (Cody Brailsford)

The American Kurabito (Cody ...
New Brewery Launch - Watanabe Sake Brewery (Gifu Prefecture, Japan)

One of the head brewer's at Watanabe Sake Brewery “Cody Brailsford” is an American gentleman from Utah who has been perfecting his brewing skills for the past 11 years. He is really a fantastic guy and what an awesome story !!

Not everyone (regardless of race or nationality) has the energy, the tenacity, the guts, the will power, the patience to work at an extremely traditional Sake Brewery in rural Japan for 11 years… and for Cody to be an American gentleman from Utah to accomplish this is nothing short of amazing.

We have recently launched with four (4) of his Sake in the US market !!

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