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Sightseeing Spots in San Francisco

Sightseeing Spots in San Franc...
We talked about road-trip to San Francisco on the last article.

If you rent a car from us, Sakura Rent A Car, and planning to travel to San Francisco,

Here are the must-see sightseeing places in San Francisco that we recommend you to go!

The Golden Gate Bridge

Many of you may think the place as a landmark of San Francisco.

There are 3 ways to enjoy the Golden Gate Bridge.

First of all, watch and drive across the bridge.

Secondly, park your car at the Golden Gate Park and walk around.

Lastly, drive underneath of the bridge along the beach and watch it from there.

You can cross the bridge with the first and second way, but cannot with the third way.

However, there are fewer people, so you can enjoy the view without distraction, and take photos.

Impossible to escape: Alcatraz Island

This place is also very famous.

This prison was actually being used until 1963.

You can look around the inside of the building while picturing the erstwhile prison.

In order to go to the island, you need a reservation for a ferry tour before you go. Make sure you do so.

Lots of good food: China Town

This place cannot be removed from your must-go-list.

It’s the world famous massive China Town of San Francisco.

There are good foods everywhere!!

You can walk and munch steam pork buns on street, go into the dim-sum restaurant, Hong Kong style clay pot…the list goes on. Just walking around the place is also fun.

Palace of fine arts

Near the ocean, it’s worthy to see the gigantic arts what suddenly appear in the residential area.

The arts are bigger than we would imagine from guide books or website and the design is so detailed.

If you walk between the buildings, you would feel like time traveled to old Europe.

A pond and a field are spread out in front of those buildings so you will sometimes see families, friends and couples who do picnic.

And, a science museum and a theatre are located at the same place too.

City Hall

The City Hall of San Francisco is also a must-see spot if you like architectures.

The current City Hall was remodeled in 1915.

The old City Hall was built in 1899 it was destroyed by the earthquake which hit California in 1906.

The specimen of Renaissance architecture is very popular as a wedding hall.

Many couples visit to this City Hall for taking wedding photos in the day time.


There are many piers in San Francisco as it is surrounded by the water.

Pier 39 is the most popular one among tourists.

The reason why this place is so popular is the Sea Lions!

Resting stages are placed for the sea lions and you can see the sea lions are packed on the limited space depending on the season.

Cable Car Museum

Many of you may think of that San Francisco is a cable car city!

Of course, it’s still running, so

I recommend you to take the cable car when you visit San Francisco!

Around the rail of the cable car, you would hear the sound that some big machines are running from the underground.

If you want to know the fact of it, go to the cable car museum!

You will know what is making the sound!

This museum admission is for free.

Please visit the cable car museum if you want to know the secret of the history and the construction of the cable car.

There are many popular sightseeing places besides the places I mentioned on this blog.

Please go to many places when you go to San Francisco.
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