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Let's go to Mt. Wilson!

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Its already fall, do you have a plan to enjoy this season? If haven't made any plans already why not go hike at Mt. Wilson. Its a 5713ft elevation mountain which is know for having many antenna for the local TV and radio stations. T

his location is historically popular for its observatory that contains two telescopes: The 100in Hooker telescope and the 60in telescope, This observatory is the first built in the west coast. It has a tour for learning the history of the observatory and many events going on Mt. Wilson.

By go to Mt. Wilson you can drive to the summit or you can hike which would be twice the fun. To reach the observatory by hiking there are many trail you can take, the hike would be 6 hours all around so you should have some experience before going on to this hike. There is going to be a cafe at the summit but you should carry plenty of waters and snack before start your hike. If you want to challenge Mt. Wilson hiking trail, the starting point is located at Chantry Flats which has paid parking lot. Its recommend to bring a sweater due to low temperature at the summit.

From Sakura Rent A Carto Chantry Flats would take 1~1.5 hr drive and to Mt. Wilson is 1.5~2 hr drive.

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