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Awesome fastfoods!!

Awesome fastfoods!!
There are so many fast food chains in The U.S. for instance McDonald's, KFC!! One of good things of getting fast food is their quick service and you could eat right away. Additionally, you don't need to pay the tip like what you have to do at restaurant. So if you want to save your money for lunch (even breakfast and dinner too!), fast food chains will be good partner with your wallet! Perhaps some of you don't like kind of those foods due to quality, taste, worry about the effect for your health. No worry!! Not every fast food chains provide you the food like what you are thinking! Sakura Rent A Carwill introduce some awesome fast foods chains in the U.S.!!

In N Out Burger

You might have heard this name before. Yes, this is one of popular fast food hamburger restaurant in California!! (They have locations in other states too!)Their menu are very simple and you don't have struggle on choosing your order. So why are they so popular among the locals? The key is fresh vegetables and meat, not freeze or even warm up by microwave. They think the quality of food is the most important. That's why they can provide customers delicious hamburgers and french fries!!
When you go to In N Out, let's try secret menu which you can't find on the menu board.
Animal style: Added special pickle with original sauce inside hamburger or on french fry.
Protein style: Wrapped in leafed lettuces instead of a bun.
There are more secret menus!

The Habit Burger Grill

This is also Hamburger chain in some states! Consumer Reports which is non profit organization for consumers ranks this chain as best tasting burger restrants in America. When you first bite their hamburger, you will understand why they are chosen from Consumer Reports.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

There are Mexican fast food chain not only in The U.S. but also spread through out the world, one of reason why this fast food chain is so popular is you can choose your own topping and healthier way to eat more vegetable. Of course the taste is delicious too!!


This is the second largest fast food chains that specialize in chicken. one of the popular item in the menu is The original chicken sandwich. they have unique fries which is shaped like waffle, it is crispy on the outside, and and soft texture inside. You can choose one o their unique sources and you can enjoy many different kinds of combinations! But be careful they are closed on Sunday.

Enjoy fast food chains in America!!

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