Learning how to Coach in English ("Brilliant Coaching", Day1), Coaching at work

Hello everyone!

I am an executive coach supporting and encouraging people who work in companies or organizations.

Not quite sure if it is relevant or not to put this blog in English, but let me take this opportunity to do it for someone who is interested in learning how to coach in English.

I have decided to read the book titled "Brilliant Coaching (by Julie Starr)" again to help me refresh my memory and understanding about the concept of coaching. So, let me put a couple of key points of what the book is telling us as I go on reading it.

Please note that you can imagine it by the book title, this book focuses specifically on how to be a good coach in the workplace, instead of being a life coach or coaching in general.

Chapter 1. What is coaching at work

- Coaching is less directive style of conversation that encourages people to think and decide for themselves. An effective coach uses heightened levels of key skills such as listening, questioning, reflection and feedback.

- When managers coach people effectively, they create a positive impact on their performance, engagement and on their ongoing development.

- The benefits for managers include freeing up the time they waste managing detail that others are capable of handling, which enables them to focus more strategically or creatively over time.

- Managers who coach listen a little more closely, ask a few more questions and encourage others to think and act for themselves.

- When people work things out for themselves, they are more engaged in the solution.

- Directive or self-directed - what's the difference?

- Stay aware, stop telling, start asking

- Being helpful doesn't always help

That's all for today. See you tomorrow!

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