Tasty Pad Thai

One of my favorite types of foods that can be found in abundance in the Pacific Northwest is Thai food. No place does Thai Food better than Thai Kitchen in Bellevue, WA!

My go to dish there is the Traditional Pad Thai. It's very important that you get the 'Traditional' Pad Thai. The Traditional Pad Thai is made with tamarind paste which gives it a unique and delicious flavor. The standard Pad Thai you can order from Thai Kitchen is a bit cheaper and commonly referred to as 'ketchup pad thai' as it has a brighter red color. The flavor is more red than brown and to be honest, it just isn't as good.

Other dishes that are solid include pineapple curry fried rice, Pad Kee Mao, and Pad See Ew. If you are in the Bellevue, WA area I highly recommend you check out Thai Kitchen.
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A Delicious Donair

While in Canada I do my best to find a local donair shop. My stop in Edmonton, AB is Mike's Famous on Whyte Ave. Recently I had the Jumbo Donair, and boy was it jumbo! It was packed with delicious donair meat and smothered in creamy, sweet, donair sauce.

If you haven't had one before I highly recommend checking it out. The picture included in this post doesn't do it justice!
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