Pad Thai To Go

No, this isn't the first time I have written about Pad Thai - and to be honest it won't likely be the last. Today I tried out a new service called Uber Eats.

With this service I download the app, find a restaurant, pick a dish, order it, and it's delivered to me! This is really helpful for me as my work days are extremely busy and I don't often have enough time to run out and grab lunch. The food prices are typical restaurant rates, but you do pay an additional $3.00 delivery fee. At first this seemed really high to me, but then when I thought about a tip percentage while at a restaurant - the price is comparable. The benefit here is the convenience. You get an ETA, the name and description of the driver's car, I was very impressed.

Today I chose the restaurant Noodle Land and decided to give their Pad Thai a try. While it wasn't quite up to the quality of Thai Kitchen's (see my first post) they certainly gave you a lot of food. So it was a really good value.

The delivery driver was friendly and quick. There is no need to tip the driver it is a quick exchange and you are on your way to enjoying a fantastic lunch.

If you are interested in trying Uber Eats please use my special code below when you register for the first time. You will get $10 off of your order, and I will get $5 off of my next order.

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Unbelievable Butter Chicken

One of (if not) the most delicious lndian dishes is butter chicken. Served over a bed of jasmine rice with a piece or 2 of naan bread - nothing beats it. And nobody beats Mayuri Indian Cuisine!

Prior to last year my biggest complaint about the restaurant was how small their Redmond location was. When they moved to their new location it only made the experience that much better.

While there is a plethora of other things to eat at Mayuri, whenever I have a second plate at the buffet it is always loaded with butter chicken! Their weekday lunch buffet costs $11.99 and it is worth it for this dish alone.
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Cowboy Burger

Yeehaw! I love a good hamburger. So when one of my favorite local brew pub, Bellevue Brewing Company, makes some menu changes and finally offers a hamburger, I get a little excited.

It's always odd visiting a brew pub with such delicious beers and not ordering one, but as it was lunch time - I did the responsible thing and had some water to wash down my tasty hamburger.

How tasty you might ask? Well the patty is ground beef and chorizo pressed together into a juicy homemade piece of deliciousness. Then that is topped with BBQ pork AND bacon. Carefully brushed with a garlic aioli it was the perfect blend of seasonings and flavors in a hamburger.

If I had any critiques it would be this, it was a little messy. The meats were all very juicy which led to an abundance of liquid soaking in my plate. A napkin is necessary when dining on this burger, but the end result was totally worth it. It was served with a side of coleslaw as well. While I like coleslaw, Bellevue Brewing Company needs to offer french fries to their patrons. It's the ultimate side for a hamburger and a necessity in my humble opinion.

In the market for a tasty meal and an ice cold beer? Head over to Bellevue Brewing Company!
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Chicken Katsu with Curry

Close to our office is a fantastic restaurant for lunch if you want to taste some Japanese dishes. Kiku Sushi offers an assortment of dishes including sushi, an ever changing bento box, and one of my favorites - chicken katsu with curry, white rice, and miso soup.

Every time I get this dish I think there is way more than I could possibly eat - but every time I find myself staring at an empty plate at the end of the meal. The fried chicken cutlet is expertly prepared and they provide a generous amount of curry. The fact that it is included on the side is fantastic, as it gives the diner the ability to control the amount of curry they want to put on their chicken. Me, I like mine swimming in it, so I just tip the bowl and pour it all over. I took this picture before as it looks much more appetizing from a presentation standpoint.

If you are in the Bellevue, WA area for lunch I recommend stopping by. The place is always bustling with patrons which must be a testament to the quality of their food.
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Chicken and Broccoli on a Bed of Quinoa

Not all of the best food is found in restaurants. Sometimes the most awesome delicious meals are home made as is the case with today's post. Lately I have been trying to eat a bit healthier and so it's important to focus on lean proteins and vegetables.

The chicken was pan fried and very lightly seasoned with Flavor Gods seasoning salts. Once the chicken was fully cooked we tossed in some broccoli and quinoa and let that cook until the quinoa is ready. This meal is low in fat, high in protein and an excellent choice for those looking to eat better. It is simple to make which is extremely important to me, especially since I don't usually get home from work until about 7:00pm.

No meal is complete without a bit of spice so I always like to add a generous helping of hot sauce. The picture included above is of my leftovers the next day while at work. I keep a bottle of Tapatio Salsa Picante hot sauce at work. This added a really nice zing that brought the whole dish together to make a great lunch time treat.
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A Juicy Filet Mignon

I recently attended the Lenny Wilkens Foundation Celebrity Auction Dinner in Bellevue, WA. The foundation is a pillar in the community and supports children and providing them with the best health care available. It is a great cause.

The auction dinner is always a very fun event and the food is always phenomenal. This year's menu featured a succulent Filet Mignon. It was extremely juicy and cutting into it there was very little fat and it was cooked perfectly.

Along with Filet Mignon there was some delicious scallops and a bed of mashed potatoes. Green beans were the final piece of the puzzle that added a little color to the dish. It was like the bow on a perfectly wrapped present and delivered straight to my stomach.
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Tikka Masala Potato Chips

Every year Frito-Lay treats us to 4 special edition 'Global Flavors' of potato chips in stores. This year they really upped their ante with 4 unique flavors that I couldn't help myself but try.

While I am still working through the entire line-up, the first 1 I had the privilege of sampling was the Tikka Masala flavored chips. I always doubt how accurately a potato chip can simulate different food items.. but the Tikka Masala chips did not disappoint!

From the moment I opened the bag I caught a sent all too familiar to me in the Bellevue area. It reminded me of some of my favorite Indian food restaurants! So we were off to a good start. Another point in their favor was the fact that they were Kettle Cooked style. Which is by far the best way to eat a potato chip. These chips had the perfect blend of crunch texture and amazing flavors.

If you see them in your local grocery store, give them a shot. You won't be disappointed. And remember, they are limited edition so they won't be around for ever!
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