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Washington state license plate w... Washington state license plate with Saber car decal
I saw this license plate on my way home the other day. Cool! It is a reference to Saber from the Japanese anime series, "Fate."

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Ishoni Yakiniku

Oishii! Oishii!
Last night I got to try yakiniku for the first time! Ishoni is the only true Japanese yakiniku restaurant in the area. In order to get a seat you must make a reservation because they only have a few tables. Each table is also given a 1 1/2 hour time limit so more people have a chance to get in. I've never tried Japanese pudding, plum wine, cuttlefish, beef tongue, karubi or other cuts of beef before, so I got to try a bunch of new experiences during my visit. Of the red meat, beef karubi with BBQ sauce was my favorite. I primarily ate from the seafood platter and enjoyed the scallops and shrimp the most. The shrimp were big and juicy! I overcooked a few pieces of the spicy miso cuttlefish, but they had a good amount of heat and a pleasant texture otherwise. We ordered cucumber and Korean kimchi for sides and I liked them, too. The biggest surprise and treat of the night for me was trying Choya plum wine. I've never had plum wine before, but now I am determined to find and sample more. The sweet flavor was striking.

Ishoni is a great place to experience if you get the chance.
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Blue Ginger Korean BBQ

Korean stone rice bowl: A fea... Korean stone rice bowl: A feast for the eyes and stomach!
My boss took me to Blue Ginger Korean BBQ in Bellevue, WA and this bibimbap or stone rice bowl blew me away. I've eaten kimchi for years and I've sampled beef, pork, and chicken bulgogi at a work-catered lunch once, but I've never before visited a Korean restaurant. The dish description is unassuming: "Stone rice bowl with beef, vegetables, and rice." What you get is a true sensory treat with an oversized and hefty stone bowl, rapid steam, patches of fresh color and the sound and smell of sizzling food. On the side is a sweet and spicy miso-soybean paste/sauce that you add before mixing everything together. I appreciated that each bite tasted a little different. The best part was how a little oil in the bottom of the stone dish fried the rice for a crunchy texture and nutty flavor. I cannot wait to go back.
#tayloreats #delsot #bibimbap #rice #korean #bellevue #WA

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Tat's Deli (Tat's Truck)

Two messy, mouthwatering hal... Two messy, mouthwatering halves of one authentic Philly Cheesesteak from Tat's Truck
Tat's Delicatessen is often listed as a "must-try" spot in Seattle for east coast sandwiches, so when I saw their food truck stationed near work I had to try their famous Philly Cheesesteak. I grew up eating cheesesteaks on the east coast along the New Jersey-Philadelphia border. My dad requests cheesesteaks when he visits so I've been looking for good places to take him, too. Tat's Truck's standard cheesesteak is a blend of cheese, peppers, onions, and thinly sliced rib-eye. You can ask them for cheez whiz or extra toppings like mushrooms and banana peppers instead. I went with the standard. My order was ready before I finished paying for my food, making Tat's the most efficient food truck experience I've had thus far. A few moments after I arrived a big line started to form, so maybe I lucked out!

My order smelled so good. The wonderful pepper and onion aroma saturated the car on my drive to back to the office. As for the sandwich was still nice and hot after the drive back to the office lunch room! So far, so good. Once unwrapped, the first thing I noticed was how much meat was piled onto the bread! And yeah, the bread was fresh and soft and still held together even though it was piled high. Each bite was everything I remember about authentic Philly Cheesesteaks. My only critique is the sandwich could have used a little something extra, flavor-wise... so I added ketchup like a Philly native to the half I saved for dinner and then the sandwich really hit the spot.

Bottom line? It reminds me of home. I'll be back with dad.
#tayloreats #cheesesteak #tatsdeli #Philly #cheesesteaks #foodtruck #bellevue #seattle

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