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DIY Cafe Yumm bowl

My DIY "Jazzy" Yumm bowl: ... My DIY "Jazzy" Yumm bowl: The mix of bright colors adds to its appeal
I was first introduced to Cafe Yumm during PAX West in September (see here). The food was so delicious that I went back the following day for more. It's impractical to travel to Seattle every time I want a Yumm bowl, but luckily the internet has the tasty dressing recipe for me to make my own Yumm bowls at home. You can find the recipe I used at or search Google for other variations. The bowl ingredients are listed on Cafe Yumm's website. It was easy for me to prepare a batch of rice and beans and portion them out for a week's worth of Yumm bowls! The yumm sauce has that "umami" quality that makes it quite addicting.

Jasmine rice, 3/4 cup (45 g raw)
Avocado, 36 g
Sliced black olives, 16 g
Homemade Yumm sauce, 61 g
Salsa, 1/4 cup
Small red beans, 3/4 cup (54 g raw)

Nutrition Info
Calories: 560
Protein: 23 g
Carbs: 91 g
Fat: 25 g
Fiber: 29 g
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Burrito Bowl

What happens when I run out o... What happens when I run out of tortillas? Burrito bowls. Summertime comfort food. With the farmer's market in full swing I feel good about buying fresh produce for salsas.
This image has been circulating my social media feeds, but take a look at this burrito bowl. Rice and beans are $2 or less per pound. Ground turkey is $5/lb tops and I bought mine on sale for $2 on the "sell by" date. For about $15 in farmer's market produce I made enough salsa verde for over 10 servings. The specialty cheese I used was most expensive at $1.25 per serving, but grocery stores sell shredded cheese from $3 to $5. The total cost for my giant burrito bowl is $2.90 when I divide the total servings (10) by the total cost. A large black coffee at Starbucks is more expensive than my entire meal. Eating well doesn't have to be expensive.

Nutritional Info:
Protein: 44g
Fat: 18g
Carbs: 81g
Fiber: 15g
Sugar: 10g

Calories: 670
Aged Queso Fresco, 28g*: 110 kcal
Black beans, 45g*: 150 kcal
Ground turkey, 112g*: 160 kcal
White rice, 45g*: 150 kcal
Salsa verde (homemade), 145g: 98 kcal
Cumin to taste: ~2 kcal

* Listed weights are the ingredients' raw state, not cooked.
#taylorcooks #burritobowl #homemade #salsa #verde

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