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DIY Cafe Yumm bowl

My DIY "Jazzy" Yumm bowl: ... My DIY "Jazzy" Yumm bowl: The mix of bright colors adds to its appeal
I was first introduced to Cafe Yumm during PAX West in September (see here). The food was so delicious that I went back the following day for more. It's impractical to travel to Seattle every time I want a Yumm bowl, but luckily the internet has the tasty dressing recipe for me to make my own Yumm bowls at home. You can find the recipe I used at or search Google for other variations. The bowl ingredients are listed on Cafe Yumm's website. It was easy for me to prepare a batch of rice and beans and portion them out for a week's worth of Yumm bowls! The yumm sauce has that "umami" quality that makes it quite addicting.

Jasmine rice, 3/4 cup (45 g raw)
Avocado, 36 g
Sliced black olives, 16 g
Homemade Yumm sauce, 61 g
Salsa, 1/4 cup
Small red beans, 3/4 cup (54 g raw)

Nutrition Info
Calories: 560
Protein: 23 g
Carbs: 91 g
Fat: 25 g
Fiber: 29 g
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Cafe Yumm

A massive burrito called a "Y... A massive burrito called a "Yumm Wrappit" plus an extra-huge cookie!
Cafe Yumm lives up to its name. Most menu ingredients are organic, but the only time I care much about organic vs. non-organic is when it comes to meat (no antibiotics, plz). Anyway, I visited Cafe Yumm during PAX West this weekend and have nothing but nice things to say. An assortment of toppings come prepared in a bowl or tortilla and are dressed with "Yumm Sauce" that can also be purchased in jars at the restaurant for your convenience. I'll adapt my homemade burrito bowls to resemble Yumm's because of how tasty they are. Black olives are little salty bites of goodness that I wouldn't have thought to add myself.

Downtown Seattle has an abundance of amazing restaurants. Cafe Yumm is one of them.
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