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Japanese Curry

I followed the recipe on the Go... I followed the recipe on the Golden Curry box and the curry tasted delicious.
It has already been close to 10 months since my trip to Tokyo. I bought Java Curry and Golden Curry from the local grocery store because I was feeling nostalgic. Co-workers tell me it is common to mix two brands of curry so that is why I bought two boxes from different brands. In Tokyo, I ate curry every day. My meal reminded me of Japan and only made me wish I was in Japan even more!
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Tokyo Curry

Soba and curry Soba and curry
I went to Tokyo, Japan in April. My experience is hard to put into words, but I tell people I want to go back so they understand my general impression. When I see photos or videos that feature Tokyo or scenes from Japan, I feel an ache like the loss of a dear friend. My favorite foods from my trip were curry and katsudon. I ate curry every day, I think. Or, at least 5 times. I could not get enough of how fresh and bright the flavor was in combo with the warm and gooey texture. Pure comfort food. My favorite shop was C&C pork katsu curry near Tokyo station! Go! Go! Curry in Akihabara was popular but not my favorite. My favorite Katsudon came from a little shop between Ginza and Asakusa that I walked into at random. I would like to visit Tokyo again soon.
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