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Le Pichet oeufs, jambon et fromage

Simple elegance from Le Pichet... Simple elegance from Le Pichet in Seattle, WA
We had perfect weather this weekend in Seattle. The sunny skies and changing trees were breathtaking. I went to Le Pichet on Sunday morning and enjoyed a lovely French breakfast. Oeufs, jambon et fromage translates to eggs, ham and cheese. I was served a broiled-to-perfection slice of ham topped with two eggs and gruyere cheese, salt, and pepper. Baguettes are complimentary so I dipped the fresh bread into my egg yolks. So good! The coffee we ordered came from a local roastery called Caffe Vita, which was a good dark roast. My chef friend describes Le Pichet as "simple elegance," which definitely described our breakfast experience.

After breakfast I walked down to Seattle's famous Pike Place Market: browsing the variety of shops and colors on a picture perfect day is a treat in and of itself. We bought honey-covered pecans from Chukar Cherries as a holiday treat for my family back home. I also picked up some fresh salsa verde and spices from Market Spice and World Spice for my burrito bowls this week. Breakfast at Le Pichet inspired me to find a baguette to take home and I've enjoyed baguettes from Le Panier and Three Girls Bakery at Pike Place before. However, since it was so nice out, I went ahead and made a trip to one of my favorite bakeries in Seattle, Columbia City Bakery, for a sourdough baguette. The baguette elevated the soup I made for lunch and my egg breakfast this morning! I love Seattle because it has such high-quality foods and ingredients.
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Tomato Basil Breakfast Sandwich

One neatly folded breakfast sa... One neatly folded breakfast sandwich
Since I had leftover roasted tomatoes and avocado from my salmon tacos this week I decided to remix my morning breakfast with them. To make this sandwich, beat one egg with salt or other seasonings and then cook the egg like you're making a crepe. You want a thin layer of egg because you add sliced tomato in the center when the egg is done and fold the egg up to keep the tomato from spilling out, similar to this. The trick is trying to keep the egg from tearing in the pan or getting too thick to fold. Toast the bun and spread one laughing cow cheese wedge onto the top bun and sprinkle with dried basil. I spread the avocado on after spreading the cheese and basil. The result is a savory and filling sandwich for less calories than most options. Since the sandwich is so low calorie I like to pair it with "chocolate milk" which is a mix of one half-scoop of chocolate protein powder blended with PB2, half a banana, and almond-cashew milk (an additional 16g protein and only 185 calories). I'm stuffed until mid-morning and full until lunch time.

Calories: 296
1x Ozery bun: 100 kcal
1x Large egg: 80 kcal
Roasted tomatoes: 15 kcal
Avocado, 22g: 37 kcal
Butter, 4g: 29 kcal
1x Laughing Cow cheese wedge: 35 kcal

Nutrition Info:
Protein: 14g
Fat: 15g
Carbs: 26g
Sugar: 5g
Fiber: 4g
#taylorcooks #eggs #sandwich #breakfast #avocado #cheese #tomato #basil

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Poached eggs and rice

Gooey goodness Gooey goodness
Looking at the ingredients I have come to realize that this recipe is basically fried rice without the vegetables... but I started out experimenting with rice cooked in chicken broth and added poached eggs for one meal and then expanded to what is pictured above. Add some chopped veggies to make this dish extra nutritious! In the future I will likely leave out the oil or vinegar and lime juice unless I decide to add vegetables. Salt and pepper with the bone broth add enough flavor without the extra seasoning.

My favorite part of this dish is popping the egg and letting its silky yolk run into the rice.

Calories: 478
1 cup chicken broth with fat, homemade: 120 kcal
2 eggs, poached: 140 kcal
jasmine white rice, 45g (dry weight): 160 kcal
1 TB soy sauce, 15 kcal
1 TB rice vinegar, 0 kcal
1 TB freshly squeezed lime juice, 10 kcal
1 tsp sesame oil, 40 kcal

Nutrition info
Protein: 26g
Fat: 22g
Carbs: 41g
Sugar: 3g
Fiber: 3g
#taylorcooks #eggs #rice

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Farm Fresh Eggs

I'm a believer. You can taste ... I'm a believer. You can taste the difference between store-bought and farm fresh eggs.
Complexity is overrated. Maybe I feel that way because I'm a designer. My best dishes tend to be the most simplistic and reinforce my belief. Most mornings I enjoy a modest breakfast of two fried eggs with toast for dipping.

Grocery stores sell eggs as expensive as $10/dozen for cartons labeled with any buzzword at their disposal. I've tried a handful of different "premium" store-bought eggs, but honestly I can't tell the difference no matter what fancy carton I leave the store with. When I went to the farmer's market for the first time this year I decided to try a dozen eggs and did not expect them to taste any better. In fact, I had forgotten the eggs even came from the farmer's market until I took my first yolk-dipped bite of toast the following morning. For the first time, I could actually taste the difference! Is it possible for eggs to taste...eggier? I'm not sure how to describe the flavor other than more pronounced and richer.

Before I discovered truly fresh eggs I scrambled them with cheese or converted them into omelettes, tacos, and frittatas. Now, I just fry the eggs in enough butter so they don't stick. Fresh eggs don't need to be dressed up to be enjoyed. Simplicity rules.

Today, I tossed leftover salsa over the whites with a dash of black pepper. Tasty. Simple.
#taylorcooks #eggs #farm #fresh

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