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Salmon Tacos with Peach Salsa

These tacos remind me of su... These tacos remind me of summer sunsets.
This is a quick and easy meal. Pan-fry salmon for about 7 minutes and toss it in cajun seasoning. Grab tortillas and salsa from your fridge and that's it! I make my own tortillas and salsa days beforehand, but if you buy these items from the store then it's even less work in the long run. Warming tortillas on the stove or popping finished tacos in the oven takes only a few minutes if you prefer warm tacos. Tangy peach salsa tastes great against the spicy cajun mix.

Nutritional Info:
Protein: 34g
Fat: 16g
Carbs: 56g
Fiber: 7g
Sugar: 15g

Calories: 490
Sockeye salmon, 4.4 oz*: 211 kcal
3 Corn tortillas (homemade): 180 kcal
Peach salsa (homemade), 200g: 77 kcal
Butter, 3g*: 22 kcal

* Listed weights are the ingredients' raw or dry state.
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Pacific Cod with Peach Salsa

Pacific cod with peach salsa a... Pacific cod with peach salsa and broccoli
Pacific cod is one of the leanest sources of protein available at a mere 70 to 80 kcal per 100g (raw weight). Plus, cod is loaded with heart healthy fatty acids and vitamins. A win in my book. I grilled the cod over a cedar plank to add flavor and pair well with the tangy and sweet peach salsa. Add rice and more salsa for a bigger meal.

Pacific cod has a great meaty texture compared to smaller fish. After eating, I felt stuffed to the gills from the protein despite the small amount of calories.

I didn't intend to make this meal so low cal so I balanced it out with a heavier meal later!

Nutrition Info:
Protein: 33g
Fat: 2g
Carbs: 9g
Fiber: 3g
Sugar: 5g

Calories: 196
Pacific Cod, 172g*: 141 kcal
Peach salsa (homemade), 50g: 19 kcal
Broccoli (frozen), 102g*: 36 kcal

* Listed weights are the ingredients' raw or frozen state, not cooked.
#taylorcooks #pacificcod #cod #broccoli #homemade #peaches #peachsalsa

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Peaches are here! They turne... Peaches are here! They turned breakfast into a summer treat this morning.
Oatmeal is a staple in my cupboard because of its ease and versatility. On hot summer days I leave oatmeal in the fridge for a refreshing lunch. Or, like this morning, I cook oatmeal on the stove and add a dollop of yogurt and fruit for a comforting breakfast. Other uses include homemade granola bars, protein bars, and cookies.

I treat oatmeal like stir-frys or casseroles and toss whatever I have on hand into the mix. My favorite toppings for hot oatmeal are bananas, blueberries, peaches, cinnamon, peanut butter, almond butter, and chocolate. My favorite toppings for cold oatmeal are greek yogurt, fresh fruit, honey, almonds, cinnamon, cold-brewed coffee, and chia seeds. I pick and choose from the above lists depending on my mood and nutrition goals for the day.

Oatmeal lets me be a lazy cook. It's healthy. It's quick. It tastes good. The only way it could be better is, I dunno, if it made me money and cleaned my house (it provides me with energy to do those things, at least!).

Today's oatmeal breakfast nutrition info:
Protein: 15g
Fat: 5g
Carbs: 58g
Fiber: 7g
Sugar: 23g

Calories: 314
Almond cashew milk, 1 cup: 25 kcal
Plain Greek yogurt, 56g: 35 kcal
Steel cut oats, 40g dry: 150 kcal
Peaches, 267g (half used for oatmeal, half eaten fresh): 104 kcal
Cinnamon to taste: 0–3 kcal
#taylorcooks #oatmeal #peaches #summer

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