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Seeking the best Wagyu in Japan - Matsusaka (3)

Matsusaka Maruyoshi Matsusaka Maruyoshi
If you are here to seek the real Matsusaka beef (wagyu), here is the popular restaurant in Matsusaka City.

Matsusaka Maruyoshi is a butcher's direct restaurant and it has been fifty years since it was established in Matsusaka-shi, Mie. They have a variety of menu like sukiyak, syabu-syabu, torakuyaki which is an original menu that it roasts on toban, steak which is the representative of menu and beef pot and so on.
Staff is very friendly and kindly explains whatever on their menu. Also there is a written explanation how to eat.
It is located in a very convenient place to go to Ise Shrine and they have a parking spots for 50 cars. It is about 10 minute walk from Matsusaka Station and you can easily drop in for a short visit.

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