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- Kobe Hyogo Trip (3) -

Yamate Hachiban Kan (Kitano Ij... Yamate Hachiban Kan (Kitano Ijin-kan) Mt. Maya, Kikuseidai Mt. Maya, Kikuseidai

- Yamate Hachiban Kan (Kitano Ijin-kan)

In the Kitano district in Kobe there are many 'yokan', or Western-style manors, where the foreigners resided from the late 19th to early 20th centuries. Yamate Hachibankan in the Ijinkan (Western-manor) quarter of Kitano is built around 100 years ago. The tripartite tower, called Tudor style, is the distinctive feature of this manor. The interior is decorated by Western and Eastern artworks, including bronze statues by Rodin, Bourdelle and Bernard and a painting by Rembrandt. It is said that if you sit on 'Saturn's throne' in the manor your wish will come true.

- Mt. Maya, Kikuseidai

The Three Great Night Views of Japan are places where visitors can behold spectacularly beautiful scenes after dark: the view from Mt. Hakodate in Hokkaido, the view from Mt. Inasa in Nagasaki, and the view from Kikuseidai on Mt. Maya in Kobe. Kikuseidai’s night view is particularly famous as a date spot, and is popular because it is easily accessed from the center of Kobe.

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