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– Kobe beef (wagyu). Hyogo, Japan -

Steakland Kobe Kan Steakland Kobe Kan Kobe gyu steak ... Kobe gyu steak “AYA” dining Bifuteki no Kawamura, Sannomiya Bifuteki no Kawamura, Sannomiya
・Kobe beef (wagyu)

- Steakland Kobe Kan -

Teppanyaki style restaurant, 3 minutes from Sannomiya Station. They are offering Kobe beef (wagyu) for reasonable price starting from 3,800 yen!

- Kobe gyu steak “AYA” dining -

4 minutes from Motomachi station. The lunch menu for Kobe beef (wagyu) with local selected vegetables is starting from 3,200 yen.

- Bifuteki no Kawamura, Sannomiya -

This restaurant is one of high end Teppanyaki restaurants in Kobe. 2 minutes from Sannomiya Station. They are offering a gold awarded Kobe beef (wagyu). They also offer the reasonable Kobe beef Hamburg steak for lunch with 2,310 yen.

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