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– Kobe beef (wagyu). Hyogo, Japan -

Steakland Kobe Kan Steakland Kobe Kan Kobe gyu steak ... Kobe gyu steak “AYA” dining Bifuteki no Kawamura, Sannomiya Bifuteki no Kawamura, Sannomiya
・Kobe beef (wagyu)

- Steakland Kobe Kan -

Teppanyaki style restaurant, 3 minutes from Sannomiya Station. They are offering Kobe beef (wagyu) for reasonable price starting from 3,800 yen!

- Kobe gyu steak “AYA” dining -

4 minutes from Motomachi station. The lunch menu for Kobe beef (wagyu) with local selected vegetables is starting from 3,200 yen.

- Bifuteki no Kawamura, Sannomiya -

This restaurant is one of high end Teppanyaki restaurants in Kobe. 2 minutes from Sannomiya Station. They are offering a gold awarded Kobe beef (wagyu). They also offer the reasonable Kobe beef Hamburg steak for lunch with 2,310 yen.

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- Kobe Hyogo Trip (3) -

Yamate Hachiban Kan (Kitano Ij... Yamate Hachiban Kan (Kitano Ijin-kan) Mt. Maya, Kikuseidai Mt. Maya, Kikuseidai

- Yamate Hachiban Kan (Kitano Ijin-kan)

In the Kitano district in Kobe there are many 'yokan', or Western-style manors, where the foreigners resided from the late 19th to early 20th centuries. Yamate Hachibankan in the Ijinkan (Western-manor) quarter of Kitano is built around 100 years ago. The tripartite tower, called Tudor style, is the distinctive feature of this manor. The interior is decorated by Western and Eastern artworks, including bronze statues by Rodin, Bourdelle and Bernard and a painting by Rembrandt. It is said that if you sit on 'Saturn's throne' in the manor your wish will come true.

- Mt. Maya, Kikuseidai

The Three Great Night Views of Japan are places where visitors can behold spectacularly beautiful scenes after dark: the view from Mt. Hakodate in Hokkaido, the view from Mt. Inasa in Nagasaki, and the view from Kikuseidai on Mt. Maya in Kobe. Kikuseidai’s night view is particularly famous as a date spot, and is popular because it is easily accessed from the center of Kobe.

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- Kobe Hyogo Trip (2) -

Kobe Harbourland Kobe Harbourland

Kobe Harborland is a shopping and entertainment district between JR Kobe Station and the waterfront of Kobe's port area. The district offers a large selection of shops, restaurants, cafes and other amusements, which, together with the romantic evening atmosphere, have made it a popular spot for couples and tourists alike. The most prominent shopping complex in Kobe Harborland is Umie which consists of three parts: Mosaic, South Mall and North Mall. Mosaic stretches along the waterfront and offers a wide selection of restaurants. Many of the eateries overlook the harbor with views of Kobe Port Tower and the Kobe Maritime Museum across the water, which are especially nice in the evenings when they are illuminated. At the southern end of Mosaic stand a Ferris wheel and the Anpanman Museum, a museum dedicated to the popular manga and anime series about the bread-headed superhero. The South Mall and North Mall are enclosed shopping malls featuring a department store and more various smaller shops.

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- Kobe Hyogo Trip (1) -

Ikuta Shirine Ikuta Shirine

Let's visit Ikuta Shrine in Sanyomiya in Kobe,the famous spiritual place for love and marriage!
The Ikuta shrine is located in Sannomiya, the heart of Kobe. The shrine dates back to the year 201 AD, and has a long history of over 1800 years. In present day, the shrine has become famous among the Japanese as a "good marriage"・"spiritual place"', and is now a notable sightseeing location in Kobe. Specifically, the spiritual place that has become known for good marriage is located on the right side of the shrine grounds near the entrance. It has been said that if you "pray for love facing the cedar tree", your wish will come true. In addition, "the charm for marriage" have also become a popular aspect of the shrine, and it is offered as a set of red and white, the man carries the white charm and the red charm belongs to the woman, granting them ever lasting love. In the shrine grounds, there is also a nature such as "the forest of Ikuta" and "the lake of Ikuta", which allows visitors to relax by full of negative ions even in the middle of the a bustling city.

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– Kobe beef (wagyu). Hyogo, Japan -

Hyogo, Japan Hyogo, Japan

I have been introducing famous local wagyu in some local areas (some hidden places too!) though I assume you have probably not heard such wagyu names before.
I would like to introduce the world famous (probably the most famous wagyu), Kobe beef, this time as well as the cool town, Kobe city.

Kobe city is actually very famous for a short “Girls trip” from Tokyo. It takes about 2 hours on a bullet train from Tokyo, that is never be long enough for the girls talk though( !), they have all what girls want, “fun shopping, great night view, exotic/foreign feel and Kobe beef”
Kobe is the capital of Hyogo Prefecture and one of Japan's ten largest cities. It is located between the sea and the Rokko mountain range.
Kobe has been an important port city for many centuries. Its port was among the first to be opened to foreign trade in the 19th century alongside the ports of Yokohama, Nagasaki, Hakodate and Niigata.
In 1995, Kobe was hit by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, which killed over 5000 people and destroyed tens of thousands of buildings. Today the city is completely rebuilt and as active as before.

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Things to do in Iwate Prefecture (5)

Eating Maesawa beef (wagyu) ... Eating Maesawa beef (wagyu) at Ryuen

Ryuen has been awarded the most popular restaurant in Tohoku area by a popular gourmet site. The reservation should be mandatory! They offer high quality of wagyu with reasonable price so that it is always fully booked. Their signature dish is Maesawa beef (wagyu), “TOKUJYO KARUBI” (2,000yen). Sometimes it is out of stock so if you find the one on the menu, you should order it! Also, they have “Kuroge Wagyu KARUBI” (950yen). (Unbelievably inexpensive!!) Please go there in casual style. The smoke is all around the restaurant so that BBQ smoke would stick with your outfits and purses!
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Things to do in Iwate Prefecture (4)

Going to the Jodogahama Beach Going to the Jodogahama Beach

Jodogahama Beach is one of the most famous and beautiful local beaches. Located outside of central Miyako city, the beautiful white sand and the calm clear water is so relaxing. It is recommended to bring swim shoes since some areas can be rocky. There is a changing room, shower, rest room, some shops, and a boat rental service. One recommended activity is the Blue Cave Cruise on a small boat. More information about the cruise can be found at the Jodogahama Marine House.
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Things to do in Iwate Prefecture (3)

Visiting Ryusen Do Visiting Ryusen Do

The Ryusendo Cave is one of the three greatest limestone caves in Japan. The color of the underground lake is clear blue! It’s a great experience. But please don’t forget walking shoes and protective clothes, inside the cave can get to 10 degrees celsius and there are a lot of stairs. The third lake is 98 meters deep, the fourth lake is not open to the public, but it’s 120 meters deep! It’s one of the most crystal clear lakes in the world. There is a souvenir shop outside of the cave. They are selling original beer if you want to try. Because of reoccurring typhoons, the cave has been closed for an undecided amount of time.
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Things to do in Iwate Prefecture (2)

Visiting Koiwai farm Visiting Koiwai farm

The Koiwai Farm opened in 1891, this farm is one of the most famous producers of dairy products in Japan. This farm is about 3,000 hectares, it is the biggest private farm in Japan. There is a snow festival at Koiwai Farm during the winter and many peoples come to enjoy it. Also the admission is free only during the winter. The must try products from this farm is the good beef and ice cream made with the farm fresh eggs and milk. The taste is rich and so delicious! The omelets are fluffy and there are many other delicious food.
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Things to do in Iwate Prefecture (1)

Hiking the Mt. Iwate Hiking the Mt. Iwate
Mt. Iwate is the highest peak in Iwate Prefecture, towering over the southwestern area of the Towada Hachimantai National Park at a height of 2038m. The mountain shape is very similar to Mt. Fuji and thus it is sometimes called "Southern Fuji" or "Iwate-Fuji". At the summit of the mountain there are attractions such as 63 Kannon statues.

The official opening of the summer climbing season is on July 1 every year. There are numerous mountaineering courses but the most famous is the "Yanagisawa Course" that begins in the city of Takizawa at 633m. Furthermore, when you are about to enter the trailhead, make sure you fill out a "climber’s card" at the mountain entrance.

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