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Matsusaka Beef: Cattle Gender and the world finest Wagyu!

Matsusaka Beef: Cattle Gender...

I am certain that many of you do not concern about the gender or age of your Wagyu order at any fancy restaurants! Most of Wagyu is either “COW” or “Steers” but Matsusaka Beef (Wagyu). Matsusaka Beef (Wagyu) is only Heifers.

・By the way, do you know how to determine the cattle?
Here are a bit of terminologies and the features of cattle.

- Bulls -
Terminology: Mature male bovine that is at least 2 years old used for breeding purposes
Feature: Larger than other cattle. They have large, muscular shoulders, necks and hindquarters.

- Steers -
Terminology: Castrated male bovine
Feature: Not as muscular as a bull. It’s shoulders won’t be as large or muscular.

- Cows -
Terminology: Mature female bovine that has had at least one calf
Feature: Have larger hips and thicker middles.

- Heifers -
Terminology: Young female cattle that have not yet borne calves.
Feature: Similar in appearance to cows, but lack the mature characteristics of cows such as prominent hips and thick middles

- Calves -
Terminology: Both baby male and female cattle
Feature: A year or two old.

・Why are Cows or Steers selected?

Cows have more fatty and fine-textured meat fiber and marbling. Compared to cows, Bulls are more muscular and firmer just like human-being…
Another obvious reason that cows are picked up is that cows have more unsaturated fatty acid, and the melting point is as low as 37 degree so it will instantly give you the melt-in-your-mouth tenderness.

・Still Bulls could be eaten?

Bulls are not ideal for eating so that cattle farmers castrate male bovine.

・Is the Cow better than the Steer?

The taste is nearly the same. In fact, in terms of benefits to cattle farmers, Steers are better than Cows as farmers could cut more meat from Steers as they are bigger than Cows.

・Dairy Cattle could be Beef Cattle?

Dairy cattle, generally of the species Bos taurus, are domesticated animals bred to produce large quantities of milk so that they are not suitable for eating, however, some old dairy cattle are often slaughtered as they would no longer produce milk.

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Hot springs in Yonezawa

Shirabu Hot Spring Shirabu Hot Spring Onogawa Hot Spring Onogawa Hot Spring Onogawa Hot Spring Onogawa Hot Spring Ubayu Onsen Hot Spring Ubayu Onsen Hot Spring Access to Yonezawa Access to Yonezawa
-Shirabu Hot Spring-

The 700-year old historical resort is located at an altitude of 900 meters, on the mountainside of Mt. Azuma range. It is the convenient base for Mt. Nishi Azuma climbing and Tengendai Highland trekking in summer and skiing in winter.

-Onogawa Hot Spring-

It is said that Ono no Komachi, a poet in the 9th century, found the hot spring and healed her sick self. The “Firefly Festival” is held from mid-June to late July every year, where tens of thousands of luciola cruciate, luciola lateralis and hotaria parvula dance above the river surface.

-Ubayu Onsen Hot Spring-

It is at an altitude of 1,250 meters, which is the highest of all hot springs in Yamagata Prefecture. The open-air bath is very out-of-the-way hot spring surrounded by rough mountain surface. The seasons of fresh green leaves and autumnal leaves are extraordinary.(Closed in winter)

-Odaira Onsen Hot Spring-

Located in Mt. Azuma, where is a pure and unsullied land. Plenty of hot spring waters gush out at the open-air bath near the waterhead of Mogamigawa River. It has natural scenic beauty of the waterfalls just above the inn.(Closed in winter)

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- Other popular restaurants in Yonezawa -

1. Tokiwa (登起波)... 1. Tokiwa (登起波)
Sukiyaki, Shabu Shabu (Japanese Steamboat), Other meat dishes
2. Shinkineya (... 2. Shinkineya (新杵屋 本社工場直売店)
Bento (Lunch box), Regional Cuisine (Other)
3. Yonezawagyuu... 3. Yonezawagyuudainingubekoya (米澤牛DINING べこや)
Yakiniku (BBQ Beef), Steak, Sukiyaki
- Other popular restaurants in Yonezawa -
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Seeking the best Wagyu in Japan – Yonezawa Wagyu (3) –

Introducong a Sukiyaki restaur... Introducong a Sukiyaki restaurant in Yonezawa

Yonezawa Beef Dining Bekoya is a restaurant that specializes in Yonezawa wagyu and is located in a reconstructed old Japanese-style house in front of Yonezawa Station. The menu features steak, sukiyaki, shabu-shabu, and char-grilled beef that you cook yourself. Each space is different depending on the style of food, so you can tell the staff which style you’d like on arrival.

- Yonezawa Beef Dining Bekoya -

Address : 3-2-34 Higashi, Yonezawa-shi, Yamagata-ken
Telephone : 0238-24-2788
Hours of operation :
Lunch – 11:15 am to 2:30 pm (open to 2:00 pm on weekends and holidays)
Dinner – 5:00 to 9:30 pm
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Seeking the best Wagyu in Japan – Yonezawa Wagyu (2) –

Seeking the bes...

There are several ways to cook Yonezawa wagyu, however, steak is particularly popular. It is grilled right before your eyes in teppan-yaki style, so you can watch the chef’s refined techniques while enjoying delicious Yonezawa wagyu.

What is Teppanyaki?

Teppanyaki is actually a melding of two words that describes the technique or style of preparing Japanese cuisine. The word “teppan” means “iron griddle” and the Japanese word “yaki” translates to broiled, pan-fried, or grilled. Teppanyaki refers to Japanese dishes that are typically prepared using a large, flat iron griddle that typically is heated by propane gas. The chef will have all utensils and ingredients lined on the borders of the grill and will cook several dishes in front of diners with stunning flair and speed.

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Seeking the best Wagyu in Japan – Yonezawa Wagyu (1) –

Yonezawa City Yonezawa City
One of the three major Japanese beef brands is Yonezawa wagyu that are raised in the Yonezawa area situated in the southern part of Yamagata prefecture.

The Yonezawa beef is a high-class wagyu brand, the title that is given to Japanese black cattle grown in the area that fulfills strict requirements. The management of branded cattle is extremely strict as well, with every single animal registered in the system database, available to be searched by anyone.

Why is Yonezawa wagyu so delicious? The secret is in their feed and how they are raised. Each and every Yonezawa beef cow is carefully raised with a long-term fattening method for over 32 months. During this time, they eat rice straw produced by the mineral-rich earth of Yamagata. Most Yonezawa cows are heifers that have never given birth and have finely textured meat. Establishments with the “Yonezawa Wagyu” plaque indicate where you can enjoy genuine Yonezawa beef.

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Wagyu Trivia ! (2)

The cow is a ruminant with fo... The cow is a ruminant with four stomachs: rumen; reticulum; omasum; and abomasum.
The standard of grading Wagyu... The standard of grading Wagyu in Japan is significantly strict. This benefit from feeding beer to Wagyu has been proved and spreading to the world.
Question; How many stomachs does the cow have?

Answer; Four!

The rumen is the largest, with a volume of 150–200 litres (40-50 gallons).
In the digestion system there are billions of microorganisms. They help the cow to digest and utilize nutrients in the feed. To achieve efficient feed utilization and high milk yield, the bacteria must have optimal conditions. It is the bacteria that digest the feed. However, sometimes indigestion occurs in the rumen due to high volume of grass intake. Once that happens, the microorganism system goes down and the cow would get undernourished. Therefore, the livestock farmer adds beer into cattle feed ingredients because alcohol e is broken down by microorganisms and becomes nutritious to the cow.
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Wagyu Trivia ! (1)

Wagyu Trivia ! (1)
**Question; In Japan, do farmers feed beer to Wagyu?**

Answer; Yes, it is true that Wagyu is occasionally fed beer in Japan.

It is said the first livestock farmer who fed beer to Wagyu is the one who raised the famous “Matsuzaka Wagyu” in Mie prefecture.
One theory says that they started feeding beer to their Wagyu simply because they did not want to drink much alcohol..
Because Wagyu is fed so long, and particularly in summer months when the interaction of fat cover, temperature and humidity depressed feed intake, many Wagyu goes off feed. When this happens, beer is fed to the cattle to stimulate appetite.
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