Noveske K9 barricade support

Noveske K9 barricade support I gonna introduce for Noveske K9 Barricade support. These barricade support have two types.
One of 5.56mm,other is 7.62mm

Only difference is 7.62mm has little back hook.
Both types be able to mount on Picatinny rail.

Check up Photo.
These tool, Work as well, when you aimming and shoot at behind wall.

You better put on one of the kinds!!!

Few Products Released

Few Products Released We are just update and released New Prodcts for JDF Camo.
Check it our web site detail.

If you are looking for HighSpec solution.Don't miss it.

Granade Patch Panel

Granade Patch Panel Hey guys~~~~~~!!!
I just got a Granade Patch panel.
I donn't know why, it call Granade.
But I am sure it is cool Panel.

Cause you can put a ton of your favor patches and unit or deployment patches.

They have two choice color available.Coyote and Multicam.

If you have some patches in your desk.
You should display on it.

I just put on few patches for now.

Panel cost $45.00 Multicam Plus Shipping
Coyote should be $38.00 Plus shipping.

If you are tactical guys
You must be have it!!!!!!

Are you Firefly????

Are you Firefly???? Here is update S&S V-Lite.

Field operater must have these kinds!!!

V-Lite has flash or blinking System.
So,You will not lost in the dark ops.
Yes, There are IR Model too.

Let's say, We are the dark!!!!

All kinds Rescue/ Strap Cutter

All kinds Rescue/ Strap Cutter Hello! Every one.
It is coming end of Month.

Currently Gas Price go up again,around $4.50 Gallon.
I wonder, How much will be up in this year.
I think,If it gonna be hit a $5~

It will be economy impact all of the world~~!!!!!

Before go crazy!!

You need to prepare yourselves!!

Here is a quick Medic/Emergency tool.

Atleast you should have these kind.

JDF Sample arrives!!!!

JDF Sample arrives!!!! サンプルが届きました






MAGPUL DYNAMICS Update for Magpul Dynamics.
The Art of the Precision rifle DVD.

I think this Precision Rifle DVD announced last year around Dec....,I believe

I just got it today.
They actually has Blue-ray Version.
But I do not have Blue-ray player.
So,stick on it regular DVD player.

I think,2008
Magpul was popular at public market.
Molding accessory parts And Magpul MASADA concept Rifle.
Most likely, New Type generation weapon system.
And Later on they come up a Magpul Dynamics/The art of the Tactical Carbine series.

First my impression
That was cool on DVD Jacket.
Cause Japnanese Ancient warrior carrying a gun.Which is SAMURAI/BUSHI Style.

I thought,
Whoever made this Jackt has sense of humor.
Now 2012
It's already 6 DVD series came out.

These DVD good for who want to learn tactical shooting and Guns Mental philosophy.Even not a Military person and Law enforcement.

Long at short.
I love USA and Guns!!!!


What is this????

What is this???? Have you ever seen this before????

Guess what?

Looks like some Metal parts...??

What is it???
Is this some kind a tool part for the House or Garage ???

Noo...NO NO

This is actually~~~!!!!
AR Lower Parts!!!
This is,Before CNC Marchaine milling.

Yes,Just like a Metal Parts.Before milling.

But when I got this while ago
The Company says, This is Paper weight.
Yes,You can say that,It's just shape as AR Lower.
It's kind a cool right???

What's you think??

New Boots!!!!

New Boots!!!! Hi, Guys.
Have you ever seen this boots before?

kind of...???looks familiar??


You might be seen Rocky Tactical S2V boot.
Officially Rocky boots is U.S.Army Standard issue Boots.

But not this half cut version.

This boots was Sample boots.

I just got it!!!

Feel like same as S2V.
Very Comfortable and good cushion.

If you wear this boots, You cann't wear other boots ever.

100% I recommend.

Thumbs up!!!!!

Made in Italy

Made in Italy As you know what need to have your Med Bag/

First and Second

One is Tourniquet, And other is Rescue Cutter.

Today, I will introduce for this Rescue Strap Cutter.

If you got Gunshot wound or some other injury.
You need to first and fast act!!!
First what you do,
Ask he or she is response from your talk.
Check thier Vital
And Third
If the person are not breathing, Do CPR!!!
If the person are breathing and conscious
Check a body and look for Damage/Injury
If you found it!!!!

Take this Rescue Strap Cutter out.
Tear off the cloth around or from above the injury area.
That will help you when you see next step and act.

Let's put a side for Medic procedure.

Here is greta rescue tool.
Smooth touch and easy handle grip.
Made in Italy by Fox Company

If you are looking for Tactical Rescue Strap cutter.
Here it is!!!

I only got a 10 pieces.

Don't miss it buy.
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