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Summer Experience Day 12

Summer Experience Day 12 Summer Experience Day 12 Summer Experience Day 12 Summer Experience Day 12
Monday was the last day of activities for the PSP Children's Foundation's Summer Experience. The group visited two iconic tech companies with offices in the Northwest--Microsoft in Redmond and Google in Kirkland. Both companies hosted tours that showed our visitors what it's like to work at a major American tech company as well as other fun bits along the way. The group also had lunch at the Google cafeteria and an opportunity to shop at the Microsoft company store.

Both Microsoft and Google also contributed souvenir tee shirts that were proudly on display at the farewell reception held at PSPINC's office in Bellevue.

This morning, the group of students and teachers will begin the long trip back to Japan. We hope they leave with great new memories, hope for the future, and new friendships they've made along the way.

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