What is Bloguru?

Using Bloguru

The basics

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What's a blog?

A Blog is also known as "A home page with BBS", "A diary which is shared by a small group of people", or "Individual BBS". One of the best characteristics of a blog is the fact that each user can choose how they want to use their blog.

Where did the name "Bloguru" come from?

Blog + Guru (spiritual teacher, recognized leader in a field) = Bloguru

What can I do on Bloguru?

With Bloguru, you can...

  • Easily customize your Bloguru. It's simple!
  • Dress up your blog with a variety of fantastic themes.
  • Compose posts via e-mail.
  • Show off your favorite clock on your blog.
  • Receive notification e-mails when someone comments on your blog.
  • Setup and start blogging in minutes.

How many posts can I have?

As many as you wish!

How do I request an account?

For those of you who reside in the United States, Canada, or Japan, and have access to a mobile device, you may register for a Bloguru account with ease by accessing the Registration Page from the Header on the home page. You will receive a verification code via SMS text message during the registration process.

For those of you who do not have access to a mobile device or reside in other countries, please request a Bloguru account.

In addition, if you have a friend who is currently using Bloguru, you may be able to ask them for an invitation.

What is RSS?

RSS is an acronym for "Real Simple Syndication". RSS is useful when distributing site headlines and updates on the Web. You can use it to share information.

I forgot my password. How do I get it back?

Don't worry, it happens to the best of us from time to time. Simply go to Bloguru.com/home/password and fill out the form. We will email you a link to reset your password.

How do I customize my URL?

You can customize your Bloguru URL by going to the Options page from Admin Home and modifying the URL option under Profile.

Reminder: If the URL you have chosen is already in use, the URL cannot be used. The URL needs to be alphanumeric and less than 20 characters.

How do I close my Bloguru account?

You can close your Bloguru account by clicking the "cancel membership" link at the bottom left of your Account Information page. To access this page from Admin Home, click My Account underneath your Avatar in the left column.

Reminder: Once you complete the process of closing your account, all the data that you have on your Bloguru account will be deleted. Please remember that we cannot retrieve the data you had on your account once you close your account.

What is the Members Directory?

The Members Directory is a directory for all users currently using Bloguru. Member searches can be conducted via the search engine here. Currently, members are listed by access ranking.

What is Bloguru Freshmen?

The Bloguru Freshman list displayed on the homepage shows the newest blogs with two or more published entries, along with the date the blog was created.

How is the most active blog determined?

The most active blog is determined by the number of new blog posts created by the user in the past 30 days. Number of comments are not included in this calculation.

What is the information in Blog Statistics showing?

The information in the Blog Statistics of your Admin Home page is a graph which shows the number of guests who have viewed your Blog.

Total views to blog refers to the total number of times someone has viewed your blog.

Unique Visitors refers to the number of times a guest had viewed your blog from the same IP address within the last 24 hours. If, for example, a guest viewed your blog multiple times during the day from the same computer, then this will appear as 1 unique visitor.

Viewing your own blog will be excluded while you are logged in.

How do I change the title of my blog?

You may change your title of your Bloguru page by clicking on the Options link from Admin Home and then modifying the section labeled Blog Title.

How do I change my email?

You may change your email address from the My Account link on your Admin home page.

How do I change my password?

You may change your password from the My Account link on the Admin home page. You will need the password that you are using currently using upon changing your password. If you don't remember your existing password, please request it by entering your ID (your e-mail address that you registered with) through the Forgot your password? link on the Bloguru home page. We will email you a link to reset your password.

How do I change my theme?

You may change the theme on your Bloguru page through the Themes link on the Admin home page. We will keep adding new themes into our Bloguru theme selection, so check back frequently.

What is freespace?

With freespace you can write text or use HTML tags to create links or display images.

What is blog post signature?

The blog post signature will be preinserted into the content area when you are making new post. This field supports HTML content.

What is ClockLink and how do I customize it?

You may change your ClockLink settings from the Basics tab within the Options section. You can change the style, color, and the time zone you want the clock to display.

Is there a way to link Bloguru posts to my Facebook account?

Yes. When a blog post is viewed in its own individual page, a Facebook share button will become available for users to click on. Users must log into their Facebook account in order to proceed and link the Bloguru account to their Facebook.

I would like to change my profile image. How do I do this?

Your Bloguru user avatar can be changed by going to the Basics tab under Options in your Admin panel. Please select your new Bloguru user avatar in the image uploader in the “Avatar” section, and save. Please note that your icon may not change immediately on your browser. This is because the data has been stored in your browser's cache; it may be necessary to clear it in order for you to view your updated image.

What type of images can I use?

You can use gif, jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, webp, and svg. Please use images at least 200x200px if you wish for them to be shared on social networking sites.

How long can image captions be?

Image captions have a maximum limit of 200 characters. This length includes new line characters.

How can I remove Bloguru buddies?

You can remove your Bloguru buddy by clicking the Buddies tab from the Options page and clicking the Remove option.

No notification will be sent to the blogger when removed. If you remove the blogger by mistake, you must send a new buddy request.

I don't see a Bloguru buddy list on my blog. Why?

You have to select the display button and click Save from your Buddies tab under Options to view your buddies on your page, otherwise, they will not be displayed no matter how many buddies you have.

How can I be featured on the front page of Bloguru, like other users are?

You can become featured on the home page of Bloguru in a number of different ways.

Recent Posts
12 of the most recent blog posts within the last 7 days are displayed. (One post per user within 24 hours)

Popular Bloggers
3 bloggers from blogs that have 4 or more posts published within a week are displayed randomly.

Blog Post Ranking
The top 14 posts that have the most activity based on views, comments, and post engagement are displayed.

What happens if I do not make a blog post for over a year?

Users who are inactive for a year will receive a notification email. Following this notification, the user must make a blog post within a week in order to keep their blog account. Users who do not make a blog post within the week will permanently lose access to their blog. This is done in order to ensure that Bloguru will have plenty of space for new users, and remain an active community.

Can I upload videos onto Bloguru?

Bloguru allows videos to be uploaded and embedded in your blog posts. Bloguru will host any number of videos, totaling up to 100mb across all of your blog posts.

With the Bloguru Video uploader, users can select and upload multiple videos at once.

Any of the following file types may be uploaded: .3gp, .avi, .flv, .m4v, .mov, .mp4, .mpg, .mpeg, .ogv, .webm, .wmv

You may also use embed codes for videos hosted by other services on your blog if you wish.

What is Hashtag?

A hashtag is a type of label which allows users to find blog posts with a specific topic. Users can enter hashtags in the hashtag field when posting blogs.

Hashtags will be displayed at the bottom of each blog post. Clicking the hashtag will list blogs posted by all users that contains that hashtag.

Also, hashtags used within each blog will be listed in the sidebar. Clicking the hashtag will list blog posts within that blog which contains the hashtag.

Users familiar with the Bloguru aggregator feature can now create aggregators based not only on individual blogs, but based on specific hashtags. This provides an added level of control over the type of content you choose to display within the aggregator.

Why don't some images display properly?

Please make sure you only use gif, jpg, jpeg, png image files and you do not use anything other than English single byte characters.

Also if the image position is set to none, the image will not display.

Why isn't my avatar changing even though I updated it?

Sometimes changes will not be reflected right away because your browser stores pages in the cache. Try clearing the cache and refreshing the page. Please delete the cache and try again.

Why isn't my avatar displayed when I comment on posts?

Make sure you are logged in and check the box next to Display Avatar when you post your comment.

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