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PSPINC Services

Click It Audio

Click It Audio allows you to quickly and easily embed audio in your websites or print collateral



C-Sagaseru is an online directory of personal coaches in Japan. An easy-to-use system to share what services coaches offer, showcase reviews, and ultimately connect coaches with clients.


An email-based social media platform geared towards data privacy and freedom of speech. As a closed community, only DENREI members can communicate with each other - no censorship!


Dreamersi is PSPINC's brand of web and email hosting services tailored to a specific business' needs.


With ImaMenu you can create a contact-less digital restaurant menu for your customers. Your customers can scan a QR code and view your menu directly from their mobile devices.


Create and embed forms on your website or blog with Informakers, a service of Dreamersi. Informakers makes it easy for your customers to submit RSVPs or other information to your business.

Japanese Online

A resource to learn about the Japanese langnuage and culture through online lessons and regular newsletters. Connect directly with skilled Japanese speakers to grow your language skills.

Japan Town

An online community hub for Japanese residents and visitors across various cities in the US. Website visitors can find community events, classifieds, job postings, connecting with others and so much more.

Los Angeles Town

An online community for Japanese residents and visitors of Los Angeles, CA. Website visitors can find community events, classifieds, job postings, connecting with others and so much more.


MegaMail is an easy and secure way to transfer large files from one computer to another.


NewsMAIL is an email marketing service that allows users to create and broadcast email newsletters.

Opinion Stand

Opinion Stand ® allows you to gather valuable customer feedback with the click of an icon.


Lean and powerful web and email hosting. Our fast and secure platform allows you to manage all aspects of your hosting account through cPanel.

Pass Wizard

Never worry about having to memorize your secure and complex passwords again. Pass Wizard's password management software keeps track of your account information for you.

PSP Pilot

Spend more time growing, and less time on the logistics. PSP Pilot is a suite of tools that take the hassle out of running your small business.

San Diego Town

San Diego Town Japanese portal sites full of the latest local information in San Diego. They aren't just for local residents, but also travelers to the area.

Simple Data Pool

Securely store, share, collaborate, and backup all of your digital data through your web browser or by FTP client. An ideal tool for remote work and on-site businesses.


Make phone and video calls in fewer clips with the most simple, user-friendly iOS app available. A perfect solution for the less tech savvy smartphone users.


Store and access 24/7 video surveillance footage remotely from your existing camera network in your office or warehouse, at an affordable cloud storage price.


WebdeXpress ® is our premium website builder with design templates that's easy to use.