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Mercer Island Drill Team is a... Mercer Island Drill Team is a 3a school in Washington State
Their State rating is: first in Kick, Second in Military and Third in Pom
This morning my granddaughter, middle row on the right, showed me their State Rating as a 3a school in Washington State Drill Team competitions. I was excited to congratulate her, but I further asked her, "What do you do 'with personal leadership' to contribute to the success of the team?"
She answered, "I'm not a captain or anything like that, so I don't know."
I responded, "How about that you get up four days a week at 5am to be at practice?"
"But everyone does that and that's just responsibility." 
I ask further, "But I want to know the small things you personally do to provide leadership."
She thinks about it for a while and answers, "Well, I talk to everyone and make sure they feel included. We all shout out and encourage each other."
"I love that answer. I want all of us to be aware of the little things each of us can do to make a team, and spread the example to bigger efforts." I interject.
She further explains, "3a means size of school. 4a schools are the bigger schools and they have more to choose from, so they are usuallty better."
These are the kind of stories I feel important to blog and think about how I can encourage such values for a better Seattle, a better Washington State where we live!!!

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