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Make Your Bed

Make Your Bed
Got a late Mother's Day Present book today MAKE YOUR BED. One of the things Sam and I do every morning, as we awaken and get out of bed, is to make our bed together. I don't think we've ever missed. Sam says he's going to do a comic strip about how his mom used to say: "Miki bed".

The author William H McRaven writes the book from his Navy Seal training perspective and says "Little things that can change your life and maybe the world."

The other part of the start of each of my days is that I take 10 or 15 minutes to put on my makeup, fix my hair and dress for the day. I figure that even if I plan to stay home, I have to look at myself as I pass a mirror or two and Sam is as important a person to look decent for as anyone.

I look toward our bed as I head down the stairs and I'm ready for the day and ready to meet any person or situation.

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