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I just got back from a family meeting where this Baklinski family of eight children are on fire about benefitting from good nutrition and Shaklee products so they can feel good enough to accomplish the things in life they want.

Fourteen-year-old Cyprian wants to be successful with soccer and he is excited about the 100+ Gold Medal Olympic Athletes who use Shaklee. Thirteen-years-old Helena says, "I want to be successful in Shaklee as my job." Anna, twelve-years-old, has chosen to be a team leader, like Russell Wilson, and is doing a good job of following through on what she says she is going to do. Ten-year-old Eva, wants to be a chef and has been fixing breakfasts for the family, without skipping, as her part.

Thaddeus is eight and in charge of the "Daruma". A Daruma figure stands for a Japanese saying: "Seven times down. Eight time up.". Seven-year-old, Basil, works for his treats and five-year-old, Alexander, doesn't want to be left out. Tia is only one-years-old and makes sure she is heard.

It takes a lot of advertising dollars for success in any business. Niki is pleased to be a Working-Mom from home to earn the advertising dollar because Shaklee company advertises through their distributors. She is also pleased to get the tax breaks while having a blast sharing "tools for energy and good health". Andrew sees that the average Shaklee customers have been consistent customers for over twenty years. He sees the residual income potential. He says, "I have a good job in sales, but I have to start at zero each month."

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