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Thaddeus, eight-years-old, has the Japanese saying: NANA KOROBI, YA OKI, memorized. It means, seven times down and eight times up. He is also in charge of the red Daruma figure that he has with two blank eyes.

The family has set a goal of daily spending five to ten minutes cleaning the main part of the house, where one comes in, so Papa can feel good when he gets home. Thaddeus is starting to draw in the left eye for setting the goal. He started it with a tiny dot and plans to grow it as the family becomes more consistent with their goal.

Next year or so, when they get good about using team work and cleaning every day before Papa gets home, Thaddeus will put in the right eye.

Sam Goto drew the cartoon strip, but credit goes to IKE'S PRINCIPLES, a book we helped Tsuguo Ikeda write.

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