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John Wooden legendary UCLA ... John Wooden
legendary UCLA basketball coach
According to John Wooden, he carried a card with these words in his wallet all his life - given to him upon graduation by his father. The quote has hung on the Goto's fridge for years as a favorite as well.

What does it mean to be true to yourself?

This morning I listened to a TED TALK by Susan Cain - THE POWER OF INTROVERTS. She suggests 1/3 to 1/2 of us are introverts that lead to much of our creativity and innovations. Her bags are always packed with books.

Susan further observes that much of our world, particularly in the USA, are run by the extroverts. Offices are cubicles facing each other. Schools are putting desks in circles. She suggests we slow down and take a look at how we are being influenced.

On the other hand, Susan is noting that she practiced speaking in public and is appearing on TED TALKS.

Bobb Biehl suggests one look back at themselves as a nine-year-old. Did you have one close friend or were you one who dealt with several friends most of the time?

Here at GoTo-Health we talk about and teach that we all begin with a basic personality. The goal is to learn first “who we are”. Several tests like Myers Briggs suggest we are one of four basic personality types.

Secondly, growing up and becoming adult means that we learn maturity and flexibility. One can learn and acquire some of the opposite personality types and be more balanced - coping connecting and contributing.

Well put by Micah, "Be comfortable in your own skin!!"

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