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Sitting in the car at the Crossroads shopping center, after I had gone to the party store and Half Price Books, I felt my lips were dry. I pulled down my visor and opened the mirror to put on some lip stick. “Oh no, I left the house without even putting on any makeup!! SCARY!!”

Recapping my morning, my friend, Kathryn, in Green Bay, WI, messaged me to give her a call so we could talk about plans for the Shaklee Spa we’re planning for this weekend. I decided I would call her when I got to the car and could talk while I drove to my Eye Doctor appointment at 10am. I had forgotten to water my plants yesterday on plant watering Sunday; a ritual Sam never missed all the 45 years he lived here.

I got in the car and it was very foggy. I headed east on I-90, but the fog was pretty thick and because I was talking with Kathryn, I missed the 148th Avenue ramp. I had to drive all the way to Issaquah to turn around. By this time it was getting late for my appointment. I got off at Eastgate, but coming from that side, I couldn’t find the shortcut to Crossroads Shopping Center on 151st. I kept turning wrong and having to do u-turns. I finally made it to Dr. Coday’s office, only to find that my appointment was next Monday.

I had promised to pick Michi up at noon so we could have lunch and go to see CRAZY RICH ASIANS. I had a couple hours to kill.

So, looking in the mirror, I saw this scary face!!! I had to come home and do a little bit, even if I know it shouldn’t make a difference, before facing any more people. There are plenty of mirrors in our house, but this verifies that I don’t have that narcissistic quality.

The reason, I make this analogy is because NARCISSISM (one symptom of a narcissist is that they constantly look in mirrors they pass.) is showing it’s ugly face in our lives. It’s getting close to Halloween. It would be nice to find this a temporary Halloween phenomenon?

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