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One of the most difficult parts of New Year resolutions is to stay accountable for what we know is good for us healthwise - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The Japanese arts and culture have brought many of our resolution type goals to a science with their training curriculums and with their national self-discipline skills.

These Japanese heritage values are learned first from appreciation of nature. This morning I watched this documentary on the billions of dollars put in to creating the event: "First Sunrise of the Year".

The event is a train-ride in northern Japan. After the devastating earthquake the Iwata Prefecture used the donation of $$several billion from Kawait to reconstruct the railway along this northern shoreline. They are making it profitable by creating publicity with this sold out event as one rides this specially designed train cars - "kotatsu tables" (gathering under blankets of heat), bento, paper amulet with string craft and a visit to local shrine.

The story featured this family - parents taking young grade school age daughter - and the words of inspiration were from the daughter, "The beauty of the sunrise motivates me to similarly rise each morning and be my best".

My personal goal is pass these heritage values in creative ways as I help parent our granddaughters this year. I will be the parent, reminding them over and over, to take care of their own basic needs until it becomes a habit of their own. The goal is to be healthy adults that mentor/parent their own inner child.

I'm reading a book called: DANISH WAY OF PARENTING. The authors are describing what I learned in graduate school about coping and solving problems. It's described as " Internal vs. External Locus of Control. Part of being a good parent is to teach our children to acquire Internal Locus of Control or becoming our own Self-Parent.

I learned about this the best when I started our daughter in the Suzuki Method violin program where the girls learned a skill that gave them confidence and a feeling of capability.

Self-Parenting or Internal Locus of Control ultimately takes 10,000 repetitions according to Malcolm Gladwell in OUTLIERS.

My resolution for 2019 is to share my philosophy of learning Self-Parenting the Japanese and Danish way by continuing to learn and sharing these ideas.

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