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Everywhere I turn, there are suggestions about incorporating “Meditation” in our lives. Our daughter, Lynette, has become a teacher of Yoga and Reiki; teaching me about the 7 Chakras - Breathing in and out of each of the seven areas, starting with the top of my head.

As I breath in and visualize breathing out the top of my head, I am thankfully turning over, all of which I can’t personally solve with action in my life, to GOD and the ANGELS. For me, I grew up with a personal GOD and I’m in the habit of constant dialogue all day long.

Next, breathing in and out from my third eye, which in my mind is connecting with the powerful energy and ideas from one human to another. This is the area of coincidences where we are connecting with that universal energy, if we choose to clear our minds enough to participate.

Third, I breath in and out with thanks to all those I have direct connections and can talk, text and email on a daily basis. This is where I count on others to keep me on track because we can not reach our dreams alone. We need weekly meetings for religion, business and family meetings to stay on track. It's also statistically proven research that talking is the best way to handle stress.

Fourth, I breath for the sake of my vital organs, starting with my heart. I remember when Sam passed, my heart actually hurt. So I give thanks for all I can do to thrive.

Next, it’s attention to the digestive system and all the ideas for what we put in our mouth. I love having Shaklee to take care of basic nutrition so I can use my interest and creativity with fun healthy gourmet delights. Thanks to Pinterest and chefs who bring smiles to my taste buds.

Sixth, is 'One Point' which is the center of my physical balance - 2 inches below the navel. In learning from the martial art of Aikido, I often incorporate doing the exercise of circling my torso in my thankful meditation. The Aikido guru said this exercise cures a lot of issues, especially related to the spine.

Finally, I am connecting and thankful for the earth and all nature brings into my life. I’m particularly inspired by NHK TV from Japan where the Japanese appreciation of nature is a science. These are the values Sam and I clearly want to pass on to our future generations.

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