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About an hour ago, I turned on my desk top TV and there was an interruption of my service. It suggested I call Comcast and report Status Code 225. When I called Comcast it referred me to an audio recording, suggesting I need to wait for a text from an agent.

It turned out the agent is also a robotic agent and asked me to voice a few answers. Somehow I didn’t say the right answer and it asked me to answer on a scale of 1 to 10 to rate them and I couldn't get back to an agent. No matter what I tried, it was not getting anywhere so I hung up and tried again.

The next time I was getting irritated and gave a rating of 0. So one more time I went through the robotic system but this time I knew what to say so I could get a live person. This all probably took about 20 minutes.

The realization is that there are a lot of human interactions that are equally robotic because I haven’t asked the right questions or given the right answers. It’s so idiotic on my part to get so angry and waste energy. But after I calmed down, I did look at my text message from the Comcast Robot and deleteD them so it wouldn't keep reminding me of feeling so negative. Instead, I'm blogging so the incident can be kept in posterity :-)

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