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Summer Experience 2012: Arrival

Summer Experience 2012: Arr...
This is a photo from when the children arrived at SEATAC from Japan on a Delta flight last summer. They did not know yet what to expect while visiting Seattle, and we didn't know how they would react to everything either.

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PSPCF Adds Delta as a 2013 Sponsor

PSPCF Adds Delta as a 2013 S...
Delta says they will help us with PSPCF's program again this year.

They gave us a very special price for the children visiting Seattle last summer and they will do so again for this year's summer program.

Thank you, Delta!

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Tour Days - Holland America Line

Tour Days - Holland America ... Tour Days - Holland America ... Tour Days - Holland America ... Tour Days - Holland America ... Tour Days - Holland America ... Tour Days - Holland America ... Tour Days - Holland America ... Tour Days - Holland America ...
First on the tour agenda last summer was a trip to see the Port of
Seattle, Pier 91 and The Holland America Line Cruise Ships. Here are a
few pictures of the students on their tour.

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PSP Children’s Foundation Established

PSP Children's Foundation PSP Children's Foundation

CONTACT: Mayumi Nakamura

PSP Children’s Foundation Established

Bellevue, WA (Feb 4, 2013)

PSP Children’s Foundation (PSPCF) is honored to announce its establishment as a non-profit foundation with the help of Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. (PSPINC).
PSP Children’s Foundation was established to provide programs and opportunities for children who are the victims of disasters. Its mission is to support children who suffered great losses in catastrophic disasters, such as the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake of 2011, to rebuild dreams with hope and make a living.

In the summer of 2012, PSPINC sponsored a homestay program in Seattle, Washington called “Summer Experience in Seattle” for eight junior high school students and two teachers from Kesennuma and Minami Sanriku-cho. These students lost their parents during the Tsunami, and they have touched many hearts in Seattle during their stay.

“This program not only provided opportunities for these children but also many lifetime lessons to all who participated in this program from volunteers, host families and others who had opportunity to be touched by these children,” said Mayumi Nakamura, President of both PSPCF and PSPINC. “We strongly believe that hope is something we receive by giving it others. With this mission, I hope PSPCF will enable many programs into the future.”

PSPINC donated $20,000 right after the Earthquake and Tsunami disasters in Japan in 2011, and raised more than $50,000 with its campaign to match the donations through social media. PSPCF is currently funded primarily by a donation from PSPINC.

“PSPCF can build sustainable programs not only for the victims of the 2011 Japanese disaster but for any other opportunities it can contribute,” says Mayumi Nakamura. Its first official program will take place this summer in Seattle for eight children and two teachers from Minami Sanriku-cho and Kesennuma, Miyagi, Japan.

For more information, please visit PSPCF online at and “Like” us at on Facebook at

[Contact Information]
• Phone: 1-425-957-0808
• Email:

PSPINC is a web hosting and Internet solutions company located in Bellevue, WA. During the 1990s, its focus shifted from localization and "double byte specialists" to "Internet specialists." In August 2000, PSPINC opened its first data center, providing superior reliability and security for clients. Now in 2013, PSPINC continues to expand and provide domain name, web, and email hosting, data storage and original software to over 38,000 companies in both the U.S. and Japanese markets. But while PSPINC provides expert service for companies large and small, they never forget that their real business is supporting customers. Learn more at

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Welcome to PSP Children's Foundation

Welcome to PSP Children's Fo...
Welcome to PSP Children's Foundation's blog!
Founded in 2012, PSP Children's Foundation was formed in response to the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami disasters in March 2011. We organized a program called "Summer Experience in Seattle" for children survivors who had lost one or both parents. We hope to continue providing opportunities for children affected by disaster in the future through this and other means.

Like and Follow us on Facebook and visit our website to keep up with all that we're up to in the future!

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