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  • “Rubbing Alcohol Manufactured by Sake Producers: Part 3”

“Rubbing Alcohol Manufactured by Sake Producers: Part 3”

By Kosuke Kuji

Since the decision was made to manufacture rubbing alcohol, I still had a concern that left me hesitant. Founded in 1902, Nanbu Bijin since the first-generation owner upheld “quality first” as the family motto and corporate management principle, brewing sake to serve “delicious” sake to customers right up to the fifth generation overseer, myself.
Faced with the coronavirus pandemic, I felt conflicted – not sure if our ancestors would forgive me for brewing alcohol not made for human consumption. Meanwhile, the first rubbing alcohol was completed. Immediately supplied to the Ninohe Medical Association, rubbing alcohol was delivered to homes of families tending to sick children and their caregivers at every opportunity presented. Long used before the coronavirus pandemic to sterilize medical devices such as gastric fistulas or ventilators, the sudden demand for rubbing alcohol in homes nationwide created by the coronavirus resulted in a national shortage.
By the time I visited, the supply of rubbing alcohol was so low that several more sterilizations would’ve easily depleted the supply. Upon delivery, one teary-eyed recipient greeted me saying, “Thank you so much for helping us.”
Although many of our sake customers commented, “This is delicious, thank you” to me in the past, it was the first time in my life someone said to me, “Thank you so much for helping us.” I couldn’t stop the tears welling up in my eyes. I was sad to realize so many people were suffering at the brink of death, and yet, I never knew until now. I felt ashamed, humbled and sorry I never noticed before. Many people are suffering in Iwate prefecture, a rural prefecture in Japan, with many more people suffering nationwide. Meanwhile, I can manufacture rubbing alcohol for immediately delivery to the community.
Perhaps, after the coronavirus pandemic, rubbing alcohol can be manufactured and immediately supplied regionally. I was determined to continue manufacturing rubbing alcohol to help ensure Iwate prefecture will never run out of rubbing alcohol.

「酒類業者による消毒用アルコールの製造 その3」


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