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JoAnne and I graduated together from the U of W Psychosocial Nursing program. She currently teaches Nursing Theory in North Carolina. As we connected a couple weeks ago, she commented about this latest book sitting on her sofa and looking at her. So I ordered it as my airplane reading even if it was new and only in hardback.

As Louise Aronson M.D. ages, she realizes most research is done on the young about adulthood and childhood. We know little about what are the different normals and what is right for Elderhood.

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“Your future li... “Your future life will be exactly what you decide to make it.”
-Dr. Shaklee
One of the first quotes, we put up on our fridge years ago, still stands out as a good beginning and overall goal for what I want for the rest of my life.

Getting ready for the day and reading on the bathroom mirror here at my daughter's place:
"My body is always working toward optimum health. My body wants to be whole and healthy. I cooperate and become healthy whole and complete."

Healthy means, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally!!!

What I love doing is helping myself by helping others stay on course and for sure, I will continue doing this.

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How Skills Provide A Strong Foundation For Flexibility

Skill building with music lesson... Skill building with music lessons, cultural arts and sports
provide the strongest root system
with confidence and flexibility
for facing life challenges!!
It had snowed that April Morning in 1968. Dr. Shinichi Suzuki was in Seattle for his first American tour since his method for teaching children, starting at age three, violin, piano & cello skills was brought to America from Japan.

Dr. Suzuki was staying close to our home on Seattle's Capital Hill so he was escorted through the brisk light snow as he walked to our house for lunch. It's embarrassing now, but I was young and naive and decided he would be missing Japanese food here in America so I invited him and made Rice and Tempura.

He was particularly attentive to three-year-old Lynette and six-month-old Kelly. He explained the reason he suggested starting lessons at age three was so the children can get in the 10 years it takes to build a skill before they reached their teen years and have distractions. Also mothers have to bring them to the lessons and are involved in the skill building.

The master was clear, the main purpose was to develop character and not professionals. Learning to play the violin is one of the most difficult endeavors. Accomplishing something hard helps us learn confidence being in front of people.

Fifty-one years later, Lynette, Kelly and their mother, Dee, are facing the storms in our life and have no problem bending so we don't break. There is little doubt skill building activities make a difference.

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Making strong choices and listening to your instinct

"Your future life will be exactl... "Your future life will be exactly what you choose to make it."
-Dr. Forrest Shaklee
When KK & Jodi first arrived in Seattle from Hawaii, I took them to have a treat at the Panama Hotel Tea & Coffee Shop on Main Street because part of our Goto heritage is featured there. The book now in half a dozen languages, HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF BITTER SWEET by Jamie Ford is about this hotel. Because of a water issues the front door was gated, but I saw Jan sitting out on the sidewalk outside her lower door having tea and enjoying the gorgeous Seattle Summer afternoon. I rolled down the car window and called out, “Jan, why are you closed?”

Jan calls back, “Hi Dee, I’m open, park over there and come on in.”

We spend the next two hours taking a tour of her hotel rooms, all decorated in beautiful vintage themes. And we hear the story of how she bought the hotel 37 years ago. Jan’s story starts on Seattle’s Beacon Hill where her father was an immigrant carpenter, taking the name Johnson on Ellis Island. Jan, as she tells the story, starting at three or four years old learning carpentry, electrical/plumbing skills from her Dad and often took the bus by herself to the library down town herself at age six or seven.

Jan had her own designer clothing business in Rome in her 20s. For some reason she came back to Seattle and rented an office in Seattle’s old Japan Town. Tak Hori who owned the Panama Hotel had been looking for 14 years to find the right buyer for his hotel. Jan tells KK, “I’m telling this story to you. This is for you young people. With no credit, no collateral, no experience Key Bank gave me the loan. You can do and get anything you really want.”

She interrupts her story and goes out to the sidewalk to send a homeless person, harassing an elderly neighbor walking her dog, on his way. Then she comes back and tells us some more stories about this historical site which she got registered on the list of historic places nationally.

Jan is in her 80s, has no elevator, uses all the old fashioned stairs, points out the beauty of the architecture - the lighting, the natural air conditioning, the 100 keys on her key chain as she still does most of the maintenance herself. She is looking for the right buyer. We joke, “It’s going to take you 14 years to find the right buyer too!”

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Gift of KK Energy

Appreciate being surrounded w... Appreciate being surrounded with positive energy
that I love sharing
to attract the things I want in my life.
This past week, I was blest with visitors, Jodi & KK, from Hilo, Hawaii. I love the confidence almost 17-yr-old KK shows as she attended Tennis Camp at the Sandpoint Tennis Center. There is no doubt about why she is third in her age group from Hawaii as she competes in national tennis tournaments.

"Make strong choices, go with your instinct." I just heard this quote and as I explain KK's demeanor, she totally goes with what she thinks is right and is clear about expressing herself. She says she has no intention of going on to professional tennis, but the skills she is acquiring will get a scholarship to college and connections to the Universal Minds of success.

The whole week, KK kept encountering "coincidences" like I've described in the previous blogs. On the 4th of July, we went to Daiso in Bellevue to shop. As we were in the checkout line, the person behind calls KK's name in recognition. The person was someone they knew from Maui on the Tennis circuit. Also, during the time KK was at the tennis camp the coach from Whitman College, John Hein, happened to be in Seattle and saw KK's name as one of the participants and called.

What a week of positive energy!

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