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Yesterday I had a discussion, which was the typical “News Media Type” circle of he said, she said, they said merry-go-round. Only this time it was from the other side. "I’ve taken responsibility should you!"

Isn't there a place to disagree, but clearly respect each other?

Today, I spent part of the morning with the usual direction of negativity and not taking responsibility - the only way the news media can keep up their ratings is to highlight the blame game, right?

Both incidents keep going on a bunch of assumptions and emotions.

Yesterday and today, after both incidents, I found someone to talk with about the issues. As a counselor, I know that one of the best ways to handle stress is to have as large as possible social network to get help with physical needs and getting advice, but talking with someone is the strongest.

On the other hand, there are people like Hans Rosling, Physician & College Professor, from Stockholm, Sweden, who developed a company Gapminder Foundation, continued today by his son Ola and wife Anna. He started with lectures JOY OF STATS, deciding a lot of our stress comes from all the negativity and information we hear, believe and have wrong.

For instance, there is a UNICEF statistic for 2016 that 4,489,000 children, under the age of one, died in the world - awful. The truth is that in 2015 it was 4,601,000. In 1950 it was 14 million. We have actually done a lot to improve our world, but that is not the headlines. Rosling makes fun of all us audiences. He has polled to find on multiple choices we all score worse than chimpanzees.

My suggestion is that one go to and watch Ola Rosling and FAKE NEWS AND FACT RESISTANCE.

Get the facts!!!! Quit spreading my negative emotional assumptions. Find the positive. GROW!

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About an hour ago, I turned on my desk top TV and there was an interruption of my service. It suggested I call Comcast and report Status Code 225. When I called Comcast it referred me to an audio recording, suggesting I need to wait for a text from an agent.

It turned out the agent is also a robotic agent and asked me to voice a few answers. Somehow I didn’t say the right answer and it asked me to answer on a scale of 1 to 10 to rate them and I couldn't get back to an agent. No matter what I tried, it was not getting anywhere so I hung up and tried again.

The next time I was getting irritated and gave a rating of 0. So one more time I went through the robotic system but this time I knew what to say so I could get a live person. This all probably took about 20 minutes.

The realization is that there are a lot of human interactions that are equally robotic because I haven’t asked the right questions or given the right answers. It’s so idiotic on my part to get so angry and waste energy. But after I calmed down, I did look at my text message from the Comcast Robot and deleteD them so it wouldn't keep reminding me of feeling so negative. Instead, I'm blogging so the incident can be kept in posterity :-)

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The main reason I was at Portland, Oregon's, Good Samaritan Hospital in the Nurses Training Program in 1959 was because I had randomly picked that field because it was a way I could afford to get a college degree. I loved my year at Lewis and Clark College, but I hated the hospital training. I mentally rebelled against the military style requirements, like room inspection. I hated the rote memorization of nursing procedures on the perfect way to make hospital beds, follow doctor orders and pass out meds. My grandpa offered to let me change to teaching, but I was not a quitter of something I started.

One day, I bought and read Dale Carnegie’s book HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE. I got excited and decided I could “change my world”. Despite the fact that I was poor and only had $20 a month of money to spend, I bought 3 copies and anonymously sent them to the Administrator of Good Samaritan Hospital, forget his name; the Nursing Administrator, Miss Hine, and the administrator of the Nurses Training School, Miss Grimes.

Twenty years later, November 1976, I started an in-home nutrition and family counseling business and decided to take a 6-week Dale Carnegie course offered in down town Seattle. Two of my classmates were the son of Larry’s Market owner and the now famous J A Jance, whose books are constantly featured at grocery store checkout counters. I learned to tell stories and teach others to share their stories benefiting our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

The average reader or listener has a 2-minute attention span. To engage someone, there needs to be an INCIDENT - POINT - BENEFIT. We practiced telling stories. When I give a presentation or write a book, I need to re-engage my listener or reader with another incident each 500 words.

The best incidents are in first person, start with “one day” and have an intention or point that will benefit the individual or audience.

Then in 1991, I started an OMOIDE (memories in Japanese) writing group with these same guidelines. We have used Dale Carnegie's principles to share stories about our Japanese American heritage and will hopefully publish book number VI.

This week is September 2019. It's been 60 years since I first learned about Dale Carnegie and I'm 80 years old. A colleague and I sat and watched Oprah impress us with her stories with "INTENTION" to help us live purposeful lives. I intend to keep practicing!!

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"I know I have the ability to ac... "I know I have the ability to achieve..."
and the best zone is when I am with friends and relatives..
“Being In The Zone”, was a constant part of our conversation as Sam and I watched SeaHawk games, worked on our Shaklee Business Newsletters or wrote our books.

Being in the zone, refers to a state of physical/mental activity that is deeply motivating. It’s a balance of challenge and skill, completely absorbing, with clear goals or deadlines. Further, a merging of action and awareness, total concentration, loss of self-consciousness, a sense of control, no extra rewards needed, transformation of time, and effortless movement.

We often recognized, the zone, at 2am or 3am. We found ourselves smiling because it was so fulfilling.

Then we ran to our kitchen pantry, made ourselves a Shaklee shake so our bodies could have the ingredients to repair and replace our worn out cells as we snuggled and went to sleep.

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One of my goals is to identify heritage values that we can pass on to our descendants that promote "quality" in our lives.

The cartoon speaks for itself.

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