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Herbsprout is a webblog and podcast dedicated to sharing the health benefits of herbs, food, innovations related to our gut microbiome. Herbsprout seeks to bridge the vast chasm dividing the mainstream medical community, alternative medicine, and Asian medicine, especially of China (TCM), India (Ayurveda), and Japan (eJim & Kampo).

Hinoki oil tests positive for easing stress

Hinoki, Japanese Cypress. Hinoki, Japanese Cypress.
Heard about Hinoki oil? It comes from a tree by the same name, the Hinoki Japanese cypress. A lemony, balsamic-scented oil, Hinoki is both soothing and relaxing, two components that favor the oil for baths and for massage or just to help you sleep. Try diffusing it or put a drop on your wrists and inhale.

Hinoki oil contains phytoncides, which are volatile substances that plants emit to protect against pathogens and insects. They possess insecticidal, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties. It also contains alpha-pinenes or α-Pinene, which is an organic compound of the terpene class. It is an alkene that is found in the oils of many species of coniferous trees, such as pine and hinoki. It is also found in the essential oil of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) and Satureja myrtifolia (also known as Zoufa in some regions). This chemical is known to be anti-inflammatory, possibly antimicrobial, and a memory aid as an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor.

Distilled from wood discards of the timber industry, the Hinoki essential oil is offering a sustainable solution to forest management. In Japan, the wood of the Hinoki is highly prized but the forests are over populating in some areas. Through it’s its sourcing program for the Hinoki essential oil, doTERRA International, the essential oils company, is encouraging the creation of jobs in rural Japan while helping to clear the forests of wood by-products. .

In Japan, Hinoki is a treasured wood used in the building of some of the oldest, existing buildings, and valued for its light scent for incense. It is commonly used to:

● Heals wounds. Hinoki essential oil has antiseptic qualities which helps to heal minor cuts, scrapes and wounds. ..
● Relieves muscle spasms. ...
● Eliminates respiratory conditions. ...
● Relieves anxiety. ...

Hinoki oil is available as a limited offer, and you can get a free 5 mL bottle of Hinoki oil as the Doterra POM (product of the month) for 125PV LRP orders placed. See .

Co-authored by Cindy Postma. You can become a doterra member here and receive discounts on natural essential oils: .

More information about the influence of our gut bacteria and stress,
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