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  • Fall for appetite?

Fall for appetite?

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コーホーとカップケーキとシナモ... コーホーとカップケーキとシナモンロール
Today, I want to talk about “食欲の秋 (shokuyoku-no-aki).” “食欲 (shoku-yoku)” means appetite, and “秋 (aki)” is fall. So the phrase literally means “Fall (is the season) for appetite.” In other words, fall is the best season to enjoy food!

Here is an example:
I ate too much, but fall is the best season to enjoy food… so it’s alright.

We have some other phrases using “〜の秋” besides 食欲の秋.
読書の秋 (dokusho-no-aki):fall is the best season for reading
スポーツの秋:fall is the best season for sports

Hope everyone enjoys the fall :)

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